Random White Pepper

This is a very random post! Owell! haha

My dogs saved me last night! My parents went out to eat and next thing I know there is a cockroach crawling around! You would think bugs are deadly, poisonous arsenals by the way I react when I see one! lol Anyways, I ran to the farthest room and my dogs started kicking it around and chasing it around the house! Molly (we think she has ADD!) kept wandering away, but Miss Abigail never took her eye off of that disgusting little creature until mom got home to get it! haha LOVE HER! :D (and Molly!)

On to today! I had very random little bites here and there, so I will commence "Regular Blogging" tommorrow (yea, I said that yesterday! whoops!). I had half a PBJ and a banana before my interview and ...let's just say I start work TUESDAY night! :D

Some Simply Apple Mixed with Water! SOOOO Refreshing!
Then I attempted to make Lean Cuisine Roasted Chicken with Lemon Pepper Fettuccini for a super fast meal before my mom and I headed out to find some white polo shirts (for my new job as a FroYo Girl!).
Looks Good Enough....
And that is what I threw away.....
The chicken was spongy and unappealing, the sauce was too thin for the thick, flavorless noodles and .....well, I had a Grilled Cheese and moved on!
This is HILARIOUS! I was just sitting in my living room, watching TV & playing with my pups when I heard a mower (not very shocking conisdering it was a Saturday afternoon)...BUT THEN I SAW THIS! He was standing on a skateboard and the mower was pulling him down the street....
I spent about 50 minutes at the gym tonight! 35 of those minutes were spent in the almost empty weight room! Note to self: Go to the gym on Saturday night around 5:30!
DINNER involved this Sea Choice Tilapia Fillet that I purchased on sale at Target for $1.00!
I chopped it up and seared it in a frying pan with PAM, then I added:
  • Pacific Foods Creamy Tomato Soup (Love the resealable containers!)
  • Cream Cheese
  • Advocado
  • WHITE PEPPER (have you tried it? It makes a HUGE difference!)
  • Italitan Seasoning

The above came together into a creamy and flavorful sauce that complimented the fish well! Along side I had a sweet potato with Laughing Cow Light Cheese.....delish!

Also at TargeT (I should probably just live there...it would make things easier), I found La Croix Flavored Sparkling Water! SWEET! They are unsweetened and contain simply carbonated water and natural flavors! I got a case of the Berry and Lime for $3.50 each! :D
And I had to share my dessert!
  • One of my Homemade Whole Wheat Vegan Cookies
  • Covered with 1/2 cup of No Sugar Added Apple Sauce
  • Microwaved for 45 Seconds
  • Topped with a drizzle of chocolate syrup that melted into a delicious pool!
Pure Delight! :D
The last of my watermelon! :( ......It is my dad's favorite fruit!
I am currently watching See Jane Date and finishing my History review and then I need to write a review or two!
What is your favorite spice/seasoning!?!?
P.s. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on artificial sweeteners and your cream cheese ideas on my last post! :)


  1. congrats on the new job!! and that is so funny with the man on the skateboard with the mower. you don't see that everyday lols

  2. What's the new job?? FroYo girl?! I want to be fro yo girl! Congrats.

  3. Oh yes! congratulations on the new job!!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations on your new job Emily!!!

  5. Congrats on your new job!!OMG your doggie is so cute!

  6. Congrats on the new job!

  7. YAY for the new job!! Congrats :) My favorite spice is cinnamon! Sweet and savory and oh so good!

  8. Congrats on the new job! That's so funny about the skateboard- haha :)

    My favourite seasoning...hmm...hard to say! My mom has this spicy blend that has different peppers/chilli in it that is REALLY good on roasted vegetables, but I also love Italian seasoning (oregano, basil, etc).

  9. I love when the weight room is empty and not full of vain fratty dudes... they take up WAY too much room ogling themselves in the mirrors, haha.

  10. Congrats on the job! I think my fave seasoning must be plain old pepper. I put tons of it on everything!

  11. Yeah for pooches saving the day! I am the same way with bugs, especially spiders!

    Congrats on the new job - I think I'd probably eat my whole paycheck in froyo if I worked at a place like that lol.

    LOVE the skateboarding lawnmower guy - soo funny!

  12. LOL I nearly spit my ginger ale looking at the picture of that yard guy... pahaha I love it!
    That's something me and you would be doing if we had to resort to yard work for a job lol

    Good thing you'll be in a chilly froyo shop!! YAY can't wait to come visit you :)

  13. Congrats on getting the job girly girl! Thats fantastic! Before you know if you'll be a fro yo conissieur! :)

    Ahaha what would we do without puppies! I remember a few years ago there was a mouse in my house and my dogs chased it outside bahaha.

    thats too bad about the lean cuisine...it looks sooo yummy on the box! :(

  14. Hey girl! I've always had that kind of experience with Lean Cuisine meals, I'm definitely not a fan and totally willing to pay the extra cash for Kashi or Amy's.

    CONGRATS ON THE JOB! YAAAY! So excited for you - froyo queen!

    Haha I HATE bugs...cockroaches definitely included - they're so BIG and just ewcreepygrossnastyummmGROSS! I hate centipedes too...oh gosh lemme stop talking about bugs. Just incase you're eating. Don't want you to lose your appetite ;)

    Have a great night girl!



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