Makeover...your diet

The oblong blue plate made quite an appearance today.....
Breakfast = 8 mini Van's Waffles (4 with PB & Strawberries....4 with vanilla yogurt and kiwi)
This was SUCH a fun and tasty breakfast! Plus coffee of course! Turkey Roll ups with 1 oz mild cheddar cheese, triscuits and a juicy Gala apple.....refreshing!
Boston Cream Oreo Cookie Holey Donut! HOLEY! This is my all time favorite. Dense, yet fluffy, warm, gooey and stuffed with an utterly amazing cream....YUMMMMMMMM! :D

Just click here to buy a whole 6 pack of soley these little babies! I sure would! (and will when I run out! They are sooooo good!)
My babies! They like to watch me blog!

The rest of my eats were pretty boring today (a little Ice Cream, a handful of triscuits, a Kashi granola bar, PB YOGURT and a big bowl of veggie soup when I get home from SPINNING! :D...I need to go get ready by the way! lol)....SOOO I am going to forego writing and uploading another mammoth post (like yesterday) and skip those pics...........That way, I can upload pics of my new room makeover! My dad and mom painted it and then we got a new bedspread, etc. I don't have before pics because it was just too messy by the time I thought of it! Owell! Enjoy!
My friend, Melissa, & I decorated/collaged the back of my door with magazine cut-outs one summer when I was in like middle school and I can't bare to tear it all down! (and yes, I still have an old school TV...I never watch TV in my room, so I don't really need a new one).
Desk! Note the HUGE hoops & yoyo card on the bottom right shelf that Alexa got me for my birthday last year! Does anyone know who I am talking about? LOVE THEM!
BOOKS! All about food/science (unless they were required books for school......i.e. Grapes of Wrath, Cheating Culture, Founding Brothers....actually, why do I still have all of those?!).
Dresser.......jewelry.....gotta love it! ;)
All together now!
Check it out! I got this made when I was probably in 5th or 6th grade! It's so funny because it really does look like me (or did) and it's a great memory of my fabulous Disney World trip! Plus, the artist drew a "mer-dog" before he even knew how much I loved dogs!
As for the title of my post.....I need to incorporate more veggies into my diet. I like them and all, but they just don't make quite the appearance that I think they should! I'm headed to Target tommorrow after school to stock up! :D
Peace Out!


  1. Hey girl! I love your room - it's awesome! Oh my gosh, but I'm totally stuck on that Oreo Holey Donut - yikes - I may have to buy my Dad & myself a box or two ;) Maybe for Father's day! That would be an amazing present, right?!

    Anyways, good luck with the veggie-diet-makeover - what a good idea, and be sure to get some fresh beets to boil! They're SO GOOD! I just have gotten into em' and they are a new fave veggie of mine! Can't wait to see what you stock up on.


  2. Mmmm I loves me some veggies. Good luck with your "makeover!"

  3. You should have watched The View today. One of the Chefs from the Food Network was trying to make vegetables taste good so Whoopi would like them. He baked zucchini, make mac and cheese from cauliflower, and even made a red velvet cake with beets!

  4. your room is so cute, love the makeover and your pups!

  5. Cute room! That donut looks delicious. I might seriously have to break down and buy some! Good luck adding veggies-- you say you're going to stock up at Target? Do you go to a Super Target? All the Targets I know don't have produce.
    Have a great night :)

  6. It's been years since I had a donut, but that donut sounds like it is worth the splurge!


  7. love the room pics, and the back of the door is TOO cute. you def cant tear it down! also, cant wait to fill out the survey - so thanks for the tag :)

  8. That donut looks so delicious!!!! There is drool all over my keyboard...

  9. Love your breakfast, very cute!

    You room is so clean! Mine still looks like it exploded with all my stuff from school!


  10. Your breakfast is TOO CUTE.

    Your room also looks gorgeous by the way. I wish mine was that clean right now!

    Can't wait to see all your new lovely veggies.

    Much love,

  11. Your room looks great!! And seriously, this is like donut porn. Seeing a new donut every day on your blog makes me crave some myself sooo badly. YUM.

  12. Those little mini waffles are too darn cute. I may need to purchase some. Yayyy for more veggies! Enjoy the shopping trip

  13. What a cute breakfast!! Ah that HD is one that I didn't get and I'm a little jealous - that sounds awesome! You know me, I love my hummus!! I mean veggies ;)

  14. you did NOT just call PB yogurt boring... I must have misread ( :P )

    Love your room- what a great mirror!

    I am on the "need more veggies" bandwagon too... I LOVE them and don't know why they have been less of a feature lately? Though I did make a big batch of killer roasted veggies this morning for my awesome lunch. Wooo!

  15. The room is super cute - wow - that collage must have taken a long time. Lets not even talk about veggies - I try, I really do!

  16. I love the apperances of your blue plate and what a great idea for breakfast.
    Your room looks great. I remember as a teen I did a collage like yours covering a whole wall. I love your full length mirror and jewellery and your whole room.

  17. I LOVE your room! I like how it is color-coordinated and with such cool decos! and hee hee, I loved that book, What to EAt by Marion Nestle..
    and ur breakfast looks so cute and fun to eat!

  18. Okay, I am the BFF here and haven't seen your room yet - I love it though, it looks awesome!!!! :)

    Good luck on your test tomorrow... and it's your last day! Yahoooooooooo!

    See you tomorrow!

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  20. Those little mini waffles are so cute!

  21. I love that aqua plate! I've often stared longingly at rectangle plates but couldn't picture how to use one! Now I know!

    Love your room, too.....

  22. I LOVE all the minis and the blue plate - so fun!

    OHHH - I need to try that flavor of Holey Donuts next - YUM!

    LOVE the new room layout - so fun, organized, creative and neat!

  23. P.S.

    the puppies are super cute too

    And thanks for the GNU bar contest shout out :)

  24. love the eight waffles - its like oderves for breakfast :)
    awesome eats!


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