"Fernando, try as he might, can only make enough ice cream for...well....You!"

**Love Gilmore Girls! :D**

I am using today's post to share some thoughts and ideas with you.......

  1. I have my interview tommorrow morning! Whoop! Let's hope I get the job!
  2. I have some cream cheese that needs to be used up in a fairly healthy way! Any suggestions?!
  3. I am going to try to eat more balanced meals this upcoming week and less pointless snacks, so stay tuned and keep me on track! I think 4-5 mini meals would work best for me as opposed to 3 standard meals. What do you like?
  4. Artificial Sweeteners?...what's your verdict?..... Life's too short?, Everything in Moderation? or NEVER? (I'm not too sure of my stance yet, but probably in the middle ground.)
  5. My dad just cut up a big juicy watermelon! HELLO! Gotta love summer! :D
  6. Spinning?! Yay or nay? I have found that I like spinning so much more than running!
  7. Alexa and I were pondering the reasons for a sauna yesterday at the gym (and apparently so was Baylee!), so I decided to end the curiosity:
Basically, what happens to the body during a sauna is quite simple — your
metabolism and pulse rates increase, your blood vessels become much more
flexible, and your extremities benefit from increased circulation....Many people
claim that the sauna relieves the symptoms of minor illnesses such as colds,
revives the muscles after tough physical exertion, and clears the complexion.

Well, I have a huge History review to work on! Yuck! Our first test is Tuesday! Enjoy your night! :D Regular Blogging (and hopefully working!) will commence tommorrow!


  1. I don't really have many ideas for cream cheese, just the usual spreading in on something. Bagels, crackers, cellery, carrots, apples. I'm very boring. I love Gilmore Girls, but they talk way too fast for me.

  2. a. Good luck at your interview tomorrow morning - I know you're going to do great and get the job!!

    b. I'm too big of a snacker to give snacks up, but more power to you for trying!

    c. Artificial sweetners... I don't use 'em so I guess I'd say everything in moderation. But life is way too short to worry yourself over it too terribly much.

    d. Watermelons are yummy and the perfect summer snack! So refreshing :)

    e. I say we give the sauna a try sometime at the Q and see if we like it or not!

    f. Good luck on that History review!

    -Lex (too lazy to sign in!!)


  4. Good luck with the job interview!
    As for artificial sweeteners, I know the American Dietetic Association says that aspartame is safe at current consumption levels. The studies that showed cancer in rats involved basically pumping them just full of ridiculous amounts of the stuff. So, I still enjoy a diet coke every once in a while :)

  5. I used to use cream cheese to make an alfredo type sauce. I find 3 meals + snacks is the best for me, I'm always eating!

  6. I use cream cheese in quesadillas with guacamole :)
    Maybe also a spread on a VitaTop muffin?
    Good luck with the interview!

  7. Good luck at the interview! I think smaller meals more frequently are the way to go, I try to do that if I'm able. Mmmm watermelon, makes me think of summer. And I love spinning too, I think it's a great break from running and super challenging!

  8. Good luck at the interview! You'll do great.
    As far as the cream cheese, maybe make some sort of dip with it, add some vegetables and garlic...
    As for the debate over sweeteners vs. all natural, I say (as always) everything in moderation! Too many sweeteners isn't a smart idea, but I use splenda everyday on my cereal and I also have diet sodas every one in a while, I'm not scared! People who drink 12 diet pepsi's a day, maybe another story.

  9. I think artificial sweeteners are okay in moderation-- like in, "as a treat every once in awhile" moderation. I gave them up and feel much better without them. I used to be a total diet coke addict, and lived on splenda products. I ended up getting stomach issues with diet coke, and with the artificial sugars in gum. Now I've switched to stevia.
    Good luck on the interview!

  10. Ohhhh, good luck tomorrow!!!!

  11. Good luck at your interview!!!!
    I love eating 6 times per day. I always feel really good and satisfied, never too hungry like I was to binge. Although I am quite regimented, specific eating times work really well for me too.

    I have never done spinning before!!!

    Cream cheese = yum! I spread it on my sandwiches with turkey, lettuce and spicy mustard.

    Have a great day girl! Fill us in on how the interview goes today!

  12. GOOD LUCK on your interview! Hmmm, haven't had cream cheese in forevs, but I suppose a healthy way to use it would be to add veggies and herbs to it (like your own chive dip?) and spread it lightly on sandwiches or raw veggies? I'm not sure where I stand on artificial sweeteners either! I think a little bit is ok, but I try to avoid TOO MUCH of it. I haven' been able to kick my once a day diet coke habit (hey, there are worse things!) and I occasionally use stevia. Other than that, nada! I think the big problem is when people use the artificial stuff in EVERYTHING they eat, including processed foods, etc.

    I love spinning, but to tell you the truth I'm a bit intimidated by it! Once I'm in better shape I know I'll go more...but ironically I would be in much better shape NOW if I had been going already! haha. Easier on the knees and back for sure!

    YUM watermelon!

  13. cream cheese + pesto sandwiches are REALLY good! Cream cheese and jelly is another favourite :) I also like marinara sauce heated with a bit of cream cheese melted in on pasta/spaghetti squash or mixed with rice like a fake risotto.


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