You can't dethrone this Queen!

You guys are so funny! I think cereal and I just had a fight last night, but we are BFFs again! haha Anyways, cereal and ice cream will always be in my life....whether I like it or not! When I told my mom we needed to get a new blender, she reminded me of how she used to make my brother and I MILKSHAKES FOR BREAKFAST every morning in middle school (ice cream and all)!! hahah I love my mom! ;) Anyways, I am studying my little brain off (lol) and will do a real post later! I just wanted to check in and tell you I hadn't gone completely nuts! :D

Enjoy your weekend! It's a little chilly in my neck of the woods!


  1. Im glad you havent gone completely bonkers...yet :)

  2. Omg, my mom used to make me and my brother smoothies for breakfast every morning! I would always have one with a bagel. ;)

    Glad you're not giving up on the crunchy cereal!

  3. wow, you did have a cool mom. I love cereal too.

  4. haha I love that your momma used to make milkshakes for brekky! I remember my mom and I would always make chocochip cookies and I would eat them for breakfast!!

  5. Amen girl, cereal is the best.


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