Can't Stop

I woke up super early this morning (6:30 AM!) to study for History (I think it went well!) and needed a cup of coffee. About half way through my deliciously warm and energetic beverage, my stomach started eating itself. I wasn't so much hungry as the coffee was just not sitting well on an empty stomach....so I grabbed a Kashi Honey Almond Flax Bar...All Better! :D After getting ready, I finished my morning fuel with some PB Yogurt (YAY!), a kiwi and a banana...great combo!
After school, I made a quick, but DELISH, turkey sammie. Along side, I had some veggies with Wish Bone Salad Spritzers Honey Mustard Buzz. I really like this dressing! Oh and the pink cup = WATER...and lots of it!
Advocado, Tomato, Boars Head Smoked Turkey, SWISS & Honey Mustard....best combo! Then a snack attack hit......I was genuinely hungry and nothing was satisfying me...GRRR!
Low Fat Caramel Crumb Holey Donut....SPEAKS FOR ITSELF! :D
Praeventia Bar= 100 calories of deliciousness
I decided to jump off the carb train and have an apple.....it worked!
The picture comes into effect later...keep reading! After an hour at the gym, I had like 1/4 cup Butter Pecan Ice Cream with about 1T Kashi Go Lean Crunch...I just wanted a little something cold after the gym!
Yes, that is Walmart's NSA Low Fat Butter Pecan Ice Cream.
I had never had this particular kind before & I know I should go with the real deal, but I eat IC so much that it is not very practical for me....plus, I don't drink much diet coke anymore, so I opt to get my artificial sweetener elsewhere! Then for dinner, I popped out my NEW Kashi Sicilian Veggie Pizza! It is vegan and has only 330 calories for 1/2 of the whole pizza. I really enjoyed the texture of the roasted red pepper, onion and eggplant. Plus the balsamic infused white bean tomato sauce is stellar.
HOWEVER, Amy's Roasted Vegetable Pizza has yet to be (and will probably NEVER be) dethroned!
I was planning on having a side salad; but the lettuce was bad, so I took some cabbage and added a bit of Ranch/Honey Mustard....Instant Cole Slaw! Yum!

Then I had an ice cream cone before work...and after work.....CANT STOP! I need to work on that.....
What is the one food that you honestly just can't stop eating!?!
I am seriously a GG addict....it's always on! haha
In other news.......I got tagged by Julie to do this survey! So here we go!

1. Once you are tagged post a picture of where you blog. (LOOK UP!)
2. Feel free to tell us a little about your space, or explain certain items in more detail. Or not.
I usually blog at my "dining room table". We also eat at this table regularly though...we don't have like a fancy schmancy dining room or anything. The decor is antique-y/country-like because that is how my mom rolls! oh and my dogs are always around...usually on the couch behind me! I took a pic and I will surely add it to the next post...if I try to add it now, it will mess everything up! I need to get out of blogger!
3. Link back original post.
4. Tag other bloggers to show their blogspots

What are you wearing right now? Light Blue Old Navy Shorts, a Purple/Blue (the verict is still out) shirt...but about to put on my Workout stuff!
What’s the last thing you read/are currently reading? Read!? Blogs, Cookbook, My History Notes...Recreational Reading is an oxymoron in my mind! ;) Unless it has to do with food or science of course!
Do you nap a lot? Basically never unless I am sick!
Who was the last person you hugged? My dogs.....oh, a PERSON...my mom!

What’s your current obsession/addiction? PB Yogurt!! But that is no secret!

What’s for dinner? a NEW Kashi Frozen Pizza! Can't wait!
What was the last thing you bought? Bananas, swiss cheese, bread and fat free ice cream at Walmart after school!
What are you listening to right now? GILMORE GIRLS :D

If you could have a superpower what would it be? I'm not sure?! However, since it will never happen, I won't spend anymore time on it! haha

What is your favorite weather and why? Sunny and Hot...or Sunny and cool.....as long as I can wear shorts!
What time do you usually wake up? Right now it's around 7 because of school...
What is your most challenging goal right now? Hmm....I guess just toning up and working up more stamina at the gym!
Favorite pair of shoes that you keep going back to over and over again even though you have a zillion others? Old Navy Flip Flops
Name one thing you can’t live without? God, Friends, Family, Pups....And My Camera (true blogger!)
What time is bed time? Bed Time? Umm whenever I crash on the couch with two pups in hand....then wake up a few hours later and mosey upstairs! haha That seems to be the trend these days! I should probably change that!
If there was one place you could be right now where would it be? Ohh wow.....umm Kansas (to see my soon-to-be-mommy cousin! and all the family!), Disney World, Carmel, CA (it's beautiful..like living in Stars Hollow), Keva Juice (I miss it! haha), on the set of Gilmore Girls (How freaking awesome would that be?), on the beach.......I could go ON & ON & ON! So many great places!

And now, I tag these people to complete the survey too!

Okay, my hand is getting tired! I tag everyone else who is on my blog roll! haha
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And lastly, click here to check out Frugal Foodie's Giveaway!
Oh and an Anonymous reader asked where I got the Praeventia Bars....TARGET! pahah Of Course!


  1. bah yes love all the GG watching going on in your life!

  2. Ooh ooh! The one where Rory gets in the car accident right? Crap I think? No Lorelei's Dad has the heart attack? Crap I tried dude!

    OMG I HEAR ya on the ice cream. I had some around 10:30 tonight and I am pretty much never going to sleep and I'll probably sugar crash during the night. So yeah I completely understand!!

    -grace b

  3. Ah coffee on an empty stomach is my worst nemesis! Glad you decided to eat something yummy! I love that you compared Carmel to Stars Hollow..so true! I wish you could've been there with me this weekend, we woulda had FUNNNNN!!! Sometime soon, k?!?! <3

  4. I like Wishbone salad spritzers myself : )

  5. Oooh, yummy foods! That pizza looks GREAT, I wish they had Kashi and Amy's here in Australia!
    And your ice cream...MMMMMM. *gives you a bowl of my chocolate obsession ice cream*..because I know you'd love it xD
    I can't stop eating chicken, sultanas, or toast with PB and Nutella lately! I cannot stop craving these foods for some reason at the moment..not that I'm complaining ;]
    Hope you have a great day!

  6. peanut butter yogurt! I need to try that! Is it plain yogurt with PB mixed in??

    love your Gilmore girls addiction :-)


  7. Cute survey! One thing I can snack on all day is my current obsession: Clif zbars!

  8. I drink coffee on an empty stomach every morning then within minutes realise that m body doesn't approve, lol (you would think that after so many years it would sink in!)

    I can't walk in flip-flops or high heels...

    My food I can't stop eating is the ratatouille I make. I think I am being clever and make a batch for a week and inevitably eat it in 2 days...healthy enough but my stomach is never too impressed :P

    thanks for the tag- will do it tomorrow :D

  9. Way to go on your History test!! That breakfast looks so fresh and delicious :)

    I'm thinking that Holey might be my next "to try"! That dinner sounds great! Loved the survey!

  10. That kashi pizza looks great-- I've never seen it before! And I love the donut-- I'm still jealous ;) lol!

    Ohhh I'm a pumpkin addict! It's weird I know, but i's bad! I'll eat it straight out of the can, and I can never add it to anything without also eating some plain.

    I liked reading your survey!

  11. that kashi pizza sounds awesome, but I can't find it anywhere :\
    love all of the ice cream of course :)


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