I can't say that I blame you!

Just a quick post of some beautiful and tasty eats from today!

Breakfast! I am loving these Mini Van's Waffles!
They make for AWESOME presentation and a fun eating experience!
  • PB/Strawberries
  • FF Vanilla yogurt/peaches
N 'n D CaLzOnE
(eaten for dinner after my first day of working...by myself! No more training! It went WELL!).
I layered my roasted veggies from the other day, black beans, chopped onion and a little spaghetti sauce over a whole grain Flat Out Wrap. Then, I baked it at 425* for about 7 minutes.
Lastly, fold your crispy Flat Out in half and serve over a bed of crisp romaine! YUM! That is alot of "crisp" going on right there, no?!
Dessert, courtesy of the beloved HOLEY DONUTS!
I made this post short because I know that all you truly want to do is read my tantilizing Holey Donuts! post and enter my giveaway!
Then again, I can't say that I blame you! ;)
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  1. Love your calzone idea! Yum!!

  2. Wow that donut looks delish! I don't even like donuts, but I bet I could dive into that one. :-)

  3. Ooh, what a great makeshift calzone! I'm definitely not the best with words, so I'll hold off on entering the giveaway until my creative juices flow or something. :P

  4. Hole(y) Moley... those donuts look great (just did a read as advised!) I'm seeing these everywhere now. The look so delicious!

    Your mini waffles are too cute :-)

  5. Oh my gosh, a flash back from childhood, EGO MINIS! The size of your mouth :) That was their slogin...I wonder if it still is? I used to watch Nickelodeon so I saw those commercials. I love your usage of them, very clever!

  6. OOOOH I like the sounds of that calzone! I need to get more flat outs because my beloved La Tortillas don't crisp up very well.

  7. Your breakfast, and that calzone look delicious! So beautiful, and such a great combination of flavors.

    Much love,

  8. That calzone looks amazing! I would totally enter your giveaway, but I've still got some of those babies in my freezer! But I will definitely link back to it on my next post to spread the news!


  9. love the breakfast again!!! I gotta find those little waffles! I linked back to your blog for the gaveaway :-)


  10. I've made flatbread pizzas...but not flatbread calzones! cool idea! thanks!!

  11. Mini vans! Where do you find those?


  12. Yummy wrap.

    I can't enter your giveaway, I'm a UK resident. I'm not keen on donuts anyway, so I don't feel too left out.

  13. Forget the waffles! Look at those gorgeous peaches and strawberries! (I am drooling on my keyboard!) I would enter your giveaway, but sadly I can't eat gluten. Oh well, I can still be a Nutritious is Delicious fan!

  14. Everything is amazingly drool worthy, yum yum yum!

  15. You had an amazing food day - I LOVE everything!

    P.S. You won in the Gnu Bar Giveaway (email me your choices) - danicasdaily @ gmail dot com.


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