The Queen Has Been Dethroned

Voluntarily Of Course! ...More on that later!

Breakfast started out early this morning with a NonFat Cinnamon Dolce Latte and an Apple Bran Muffin from Starbucks! Alexa and I headed up there to do a little studying and grab some breakfast! She tried the new "Hawaiian Bagel" and really liked it!

The barista threw a "Free Grande Mocha" on the bar and no one was going for it, so I hopped on it! (free....Im there!). I just had a sip and Alexa had the rest. It was JUST like hot cocoa but with a coffee jolt! yum!....Who has had a barista throw a "free" drink on the bar?.....This was my first and I loved it! ;)

I was not too hungry for lunch but grabbed some chicken nuggets at Chick-A-Fil for lunch! They were out of Grilled Sandwiches, which turned out to be a good thing! I haven't had their nuggets in a loong time! Yum!
As we were getting ready to leave, Alexa attempted to get her ethernet cord out of the plug on the floor! It was a tight squeeze and it was STUCK! We pulled, used pens, sat on the floor, laughed our socks off (whose heard that phrase in forever?!) and I (of course) pulled out my camera to commemorate the incident! haha Anyways, eventually some nice man came over to help us and we got it free after some more pulling!
We went to get my car washed! (yay!) and stopped by the grocery store for some desserts! We picked up one of these and BOY WAS IT GOOD! :D We ate it at the little tables in the store.....That's how we roll!
After some more studying, it was dinner time.....I got a whole wheat wrap full of black beans, cheese, lettuce and tomato! Delish!
Then it was cereal time.......
Forget that cute little bowl....I had way too much of this addicting stuff!
And with that, the cereal queen has decided to take a hiatus from cereal (****SHOCK****).
My mom may fall over when she finds out! haha I don't know if this will last 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 months; but I am just going to try it! Hey, it's not like I am giving up Ice Cream! Because that would be crazy! :D Then again, I do have to finish off this box, which will probably happen on the drive home with my momma! CHEA! :)

On another note...I found this cool guide in a free coupon book that I picked up at the grocery store....the label may say:
  • 100% Organic
  • Organic (which means 95% or More Organic Ingredients)
  • Made With Organic Ingredients (Means at least 70% Organic Ingredients)
  • Less than 70% Organic Ingreints (Means Organic Ingredients are denoted in the ingredient list onlyNow it's time to fold laundry and clean/pack.....ohhhhhh....what a Saturday night!!!
Tommorrow is Church, Jasons (Hello, Soft Serve!) and a time to cram my brain full of wonderful Chemistry formulas and facts! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. that's a cool guide to organics. i didn't know the actual percentages of organic ingredients used so thanks for posting it. and i have had baristas give out free drinks before if they messed up someone's order, but i never bothered to snag it because i always ordered mine beforehand and i have no use for a second one!

  2. PANDA PUFFS! Don't give up cereal forever, lol! I've seen baristas give out free drinks when they mess up an order, but I've never seized the opportunity b/c they're usually not vegan or not Ed-friendly! (though the latter reason is NOT a good one, and if the opportunity arises I'll pull an Emily and go for it!) Have a great Sunday, yay soft serve!

  3. I LOVE those panda puffs...so good!

  4. Hey you!
    Yummy lookin' eats today, especially that starbucksy breakfast :) I need to try those panda puffs! Us cereal junkies gotta stick together!

  5. p.s. don't give up cereal if you love it!

  6. Hope you have a wonderful day, good luck studying : )

  7. I love free food/coffee! Except whenever someone give me something free, its generally uhealthy which makes me sad because I'd probably rather not have it at all in that case... The coffee sounds excellent though!

    Giving up cereal hey? That's a big step! If I were you, I probably wouldn't go cold turkey because next time you do eat it you might go craaazzzyyyy and have FAR MORE than you normally would. Maybe measure out a strict serving and have that? Either way - good luck! Keep us updated on how you're coping ;-)

    Have a good night!

  8. I was planning on typing this long comment about how much I love reading your blog and how it inspires me to just get out and live my life...but then I read that you were giving up cereal and I just can't comprehend WHY!?!?

  9. PANDA PUFFS!! Yum :) Good luck giving up the cereal!!

  10. haha good luck on the cereal hiatus. Ill be anxious to see how long the "break-up" lasts. haha

    That is awesome about the free drink at starbucks. LOVE when that happens!

  11. Giving up cereal!?? AHHH good luck Emily!

    Sounds like you and your friends are at least making studying lots of fun! And YAY for the free mocha...that's awesome!!

  12. Hiatus from cereal!??!?~?~? ohhh, good luck!!! hahaa, you're right.... at least you aren't calling ice cream off. i would faint! LOL!! but cereal... thats crack.

  13. yay for free mochas! you should come to starbucks with me- they inevitably get my drink wrong so have to remake it and just put the wrong one out on the bar for whoever wants it :P

  14. Free Mocha! I am dying to try the white chocolate mocha but am nervous about calories, sigh. I used to get mochas all the time in high school!

    Those PB Panda Puffs are like crack. I ate so many boxes and then had to give up cereal as well!

  15. Are you crazy, girl?! Cereals the best!

    Haha...Ive gotten SOOOO many free drinks at starbucks!!! I always order a white hot chocolate, & they always end up making a white chocolate mocha...so they always just ask whoever is with me if they want the white chocolate mocha lol. ive also gotten a free mocha frappuccino, a free green tea frappuccino (GROSS!!!) and a free vanilla latte. It makes my day!!

    Good luck on your final & your cereal hiatus!!!


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