I slept on the couch with my babies (aka pups) from 11-12:30 AND then I headed to my bed and did not wake up until NOON! WHAAAT!?! Yes, it felt awesome! :) However, I think that is the end of that because church is tommorrow and then I start school.

Anyways, When I woke up I was not too hungry (I ate too many snackages last night! lol), but I did whip up a nice Chili Mac Creation...... It contains:
  • Whole Wheat Pasta
  • Cauliflower/Broccoli/Carrot (Frozen Veggies)
  • ~1/2 cup Amy's Mild Chili
  • ~1/4-1/2c of Pacific Foods Butternut Squash Soup....enough to get the right consistency!

This was GREAT! Tasted like gourment chili mac! :D

Along with some water and LIME! I do not care for lemon in water, but LIME is soooooo good! Why don't restaurants serve limes in the water?! So much better!
Then I got ready and put up all of my necklaces that were still safely wrapped away from my trip home from the dorm. I realized that I don't wear like any of these. So...I have decided to try to wear a different one each day (or so) and will post them on the blog as I do.
Do you like the idea?! Today's necklace! I think I got it at Aeropostale a while ago?!
Around 4pm, I wanted a little something and poured a bowl of my MyWayCereal.com creation. However, after 2 bites, I spotted a little nat fly floating around in it and threw it down the sink! YUCK!
I decided to curb my cravings with a Stoneyfield Farm yogurt instead!
My mom and I went shopping (we are working on re-doing my room and getting stuff for my room at school next year......today was kind of a bust though?!). We also hit up the grocery store on the way home and it was SOOOO CROWDED!
I did get some great food though!
One of the great things I picked up was a japanese eggplant. I decided to slice it, salt it, throw a little Mrs. Dash on it (ok ALOT) and then pan fry it in WALNUT OIL (love this stuff!). It tasted so amazing! A must try. The main show was a toasted Whole Wheat English Muffin with some tuna salad, advocado, lettuce and 1 oz of Mild Cheddar. I broiled the cheese so it was all melty! :D
Cross-Section.....I used to never use advocado, but I am so glad I started because it gave the sammie a delightfully creamy element!
And DESSERT! I sliced 3 strawberries and piled them in a cute flower bowl. Then I put a big scoop of Breyer's Free Creamy Vanilla on top, garnished with a sliced strawberry and finished it off with a drizzle of chocolate!
I put the final creation in the freezer to harden up while I blog.

Not only am I starting school on Monday (HIST 9AM-12:30)....I am also joining a GYM! Yay! They are offering a special 3-month thing for college kids and I am jumping on board! I am already feeling sluggish and although we have a treadmill, it is in my parent's room and our schedule's never coincide. I am thinking of joining Monday! :D

What are you doing for mother's day tommorrow?!
I am going to be making a CAKE for the special lady of the house! I picked out a few recipes from Cakes Galore and let her choose from those...
She chose the Jelly Roll with Lemon Cream! Here is what it should look like......
We will see how well I stack up!?!

Oh yea, Lauren over at Ginger is the New Pink is holding a contest. Check it out!

It involves making a list of your fave foods at the moment! Here's mine:

  • FroYo
  • All things blended
  • Beans of all sorts
  • Big fat juicy oranges
  • Broccoli

Ok I love all food and my list could be 239578945 pages long, but I have a delightful ice cream treat awaiting me in the freezer! Ta ta!

One more thing.....I got a beet and some purple cabbage at the store today.

Any simple recipe suggestions are welcomed and encouraged!!


  1. I totally love that idea with the necklaces! That is gorgeous!

    Walnut oil? I'm definitely going to look into that! And ooh tasty tasty tasty eats! GO ice cream!!!!!!!!!

  2. In a lot of the country they actually do serve limes with your water instead of a lemon.
    Heck, in Austin they give ya a lime! I like both lemons and limes so it's whatever lol

    Your food looks yummy though and that necklace is super cute! :)

  3. Cute necklace! I never wear mine either, I'm so lazy about jewellery.

  4. Gorgeous Eats, Gorgeous Necklaces!
    Love you,

  5. I love necklaces your! You should see my collection. I have a slight addiction :)

  6. Great idea about the necklaces, I'm the same with ear rings, I have loads but wear the same ones (although at work we're not allowed to wear big rings Health & Safety)
    I adore avocado, especially in sandwiches, it's so creamy and adds a lovely texture to the sandwich.

  7. Good luck with the jelly roll!! Can't wait to see it! My friend has asked for lime in her water at restaurants - try it you never know, they might do it :)

  8. I have that necklace!!!!! :) i think thats a great goal -i have a bazillion necklaces & i NEVER wear them either!

    yay for redoing the room - i loooove repainting/rearranging my room! you better put pics up!

    ewww i hate lemon in water.

  9. I LOVE lime in my water, and in my Diet Pepsis too! Much better than lemon, I agree! ;)

    I eat that Breyers ice cream all the time..the Fat Free possibilities in that brand are endless!! Cute necklace!!!

  10. Great about joining a gym! The novelty of a new gym is always so exciting! I'm looking forward to reading about your experiences there. Do they have any good classes?


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