Wake Up Calls

Not one, not two, but THREE wake up calls.
  • One at 1:30 when my roomie came home (and she went to bed around 2....which means...so did I)
  • One when the FIRE ALARM went off at 4:30AM (and I had to run down more than 9 flights of stairs and stand outside for 25-30minutes! UGH
  • One when my alarm went off at 8ish....but I must have ignored or shut it off because I randomly woke up at 8:40 and ended up missing church!

Needless to say, I am GLAD this is my last night in the dorms! :D I do have a final Tuesday morning; but my room will be all packed up by tommorrow night, so I'll be staying with my mom.

Breakfast was simply a banana because I was not hungry from all of that cereal I ate last night! Totally worth it though!


Alexa and I studied a bit before lunch and then went to Jason's Deli where I ordered the Mediterranean Wrap (Turkey, Red Pepper Hummus, Cucs and Field Greens in an Organic Whole Wheat Wrap). YUM YUM YUM! Along with a big cup of steamed veggies!

And you are not allowed to leave Jason's without a Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone (or TWO if your name is Emily!). Seriously, I saw some dad hauling his kids out, right by the ice cream machine, and the little girl was just gazing at the machine and asked her dad for a cone and he said "No" and pulled her along. Really? Are you really going to deprive her of that one little treat?! It's free for goodness sakes! I just don't understand! Then there was some more studying and these little guys found their way onto my Chem notes...mmmm! ;) Actually, I am not a huge gummy bears fan, but ANYTHING to take a study break! haha
For a true study break, we headed to the grocery store (after getting Alexa's car washed). I made a tasty combo from the salad bar and grabbed a new drink that was on sale for $1. It was really good and made with pure cane sugar (I had a diet coke earlier and didn't want any more artificial sweeteners!)
My salad had SOO much, but here is what I can remember:
  • A small layer of field greens (maybe 10 leaves....gotta save room for the good stuff!)
  • A few small cubes of turkey
  • edamame
  • corn and black bean salad
  • some broccoli salad stuff with raisins (i love it!)
  • 4 or 5 tortellini
  • a bit of shredded cheese
  • that's all I can remember!
Now I am home and eating the last of my PB Panda Puffs....hehe
I packed up some huge bags of black seedless grapes for my mom and I as we travel home on Tuesday! I also packed up 2 little baggies of PB Panda Puffs..............
But I ended up eating one....and may have dug into the second one! lol Oh cereal! I love thee!
Tommorrow morning at 10AM, I am traveling to the airport to pick up my mom! :D YAY!
Then we are heading to Keva..she is so excited because she hasn't been since August and she wants to try the Strawberry Kevaccino! (who wouldn't?!)!!!
Then it is back to the dorm to PACK MY ROOM UP! :D ***SMILES!!***
For dinner, we are definitely going to ONE GUYS!
And I need to squeeze in some studying for my Chem Test on Tuesday morning at some point!
Here's a fun question (since I probably wont be able to get back on and post until Wednesday....which by the way...My next post will probably be something homemade! HALLLLA! :D)
If you could have a lifetime supply of any food in the world, what would it be?


  1. I spy chemistry notes ;) Good luck on your test! Mine is tomorrow - Yikes!!

  2. Hooray for your last night in the dorms!!! : )

    Good luck on your test!!

  3. I hated living in the dorms and prank calls and random fire alarms going off!

    I would love a lifetime supply of peanut butter. :-)

  4. I just discovered your wonderful blog! Kudos to you for eating healthy while living in a dorm! Definitely a challenge, but a fun one - I remember learning how to cook whole wheat pasta in the little tiny microwave in my college dorm... :-) Good luck on your chem test! (ah, I remember those days too... :-)

  5. HAHAH, LOL!!!!
    But mmm, everything looks great!!!
    lifetime supply of something.. hummm, either mangoes or apples.. ahh, mangoes. yES MANGOES!!!!!!! =D

  6. Good luck with the chemistry test! If only one thing has to be selected then I guess it has to be apples.

  7. Best wishes for your test! Great Eats! Have fun packing up your dorm! So excited for you to be reunited with your mama. :) Have a good one!

  8. good luck with your exam! YAY ice cream!!!

    I'd go with a lifetime supply of the beloved chicken + feta wraps from my favourite diner in NY...mmmm...

  9. ew, all those wake up calls, bummer!

    thats exciting that soon your momz will be in town AND then after that youll be all packed away, finishing classes and heading home!!!

    hooray for having a big kitchen at your disposal. wonderful!

  10. yayyy for last night in the dorms! yayyy for real kitchen and cooking! yayyy!!!

    a lifetime supply, eh? im gunna take the willy wonka route and say, a lifetime supply of chocolate please :)

  11. WOO last night in the dorms! So excited for you to move the heck outta there! Finally get some good night's sleep, uninterrupted! How sad about the froyo-less girl! What kind of childhood is that? lol! I'm glad you had an extra one..sort of in her honor ;)

  12. Good luck on chem!! And really, who deprives little kids of ice cream?? That swirly cone looks SO GOOD!

  13. geez that is sooo annoying about all the wake up calls. I bet you are ready to get the heck outta there.

    I just love Jasons Deli. It is always the place of choice when my mother and I "do lunch" haha.

    Hope your having a great day dear!


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