I woke up this morning around 8:15 and went to the gym between 9-10:35. The first 50ish minutes, I wandered around the weight room. The last 35 minutes, I walked on the treadmill at an incline of 13 (out of 15), while watching Gilmore Girls! :D
On the way to the gym, I ate a banana and a Strawberry JamFrakas Bar. I have had these bars before and was not their biggest fan. HOWEVER, I found them on a major sale for $.34 each and I think it was the perfect pre-workout fuel, so I need to go stock up on some more at that price!
Once I got home and showered, I used up the last of my Van's Waffles (sad...). I paired it with Vanilla Yogurt, PB, Cherries and Strawberries. I love these waffle plates!
Then the snack attack hit (I think I eat so often because I eat such small portions! I like to eat lots of different things, so I tend to use little dishes! It keeps things interesting!)....
I was working on a video of my first year at college (combining videos of all of our road trips and some pictures....I have 48 minutes of stuff so far without any comments or music added in! It's fun!)
Laughing Cow and the last of my carrots (GAAAH, I feel like I go to the store WAAAY too much and still run out of stuff!). Because of my lack of carrots, I had half of the LC left and finished it off with some pretzels!

Kashi Honey Almond Flax Bar
PB Yogurt (mixed well of course....because that is the ONLY way!)Butternut Squash "Fries" (They just dont crisp up like sweet potato fries...I always think they are going to miraculously pop out crispy one day! haha) Then I made a little concoction with my Kale! I used most of the Kale in a stir fry yesterday (brown rice, kale, carrots& peas, a little soy sauce and an egg scrambled in! SOO Good!).
I started off with one leaf of Kale, topped with roasted veggies, Pacific Foods Creamy Tomato Soup and Cream Cheese. Layer Dos!Top it off!
I actually did all of that yesterday, wrapped it with foil and stuck it in the fridge. Today, before baking it at 350* for 30+ minutes, I drizzled the top with some more Tomato Soup. Okay, so the layers didn't really work out because the kale was kind of hard to cut into in that tiny dish. BUT either way, the cream cheese and creamy tomato soup made for such an AMAZINGLY creamy sauce around the veggies! YUM!
Afterwards, I had about 2...err 3....of these baby cups of Kashi GoLean. The Original Kashi GoLean. It is soooo good. Better than the Honey Almond One.
Then again, I haven't met a cereal I don't like!

Okay, well I'm headed to Alexa's for movies and what not. We are going to run by Starbucks before hand and I know exactly what I want! I got a sample of an Iced Green Tea Latte at the Starby's in Target the other day and basically fell in love.
It's my new favorite Starbucks Drink!
Tommorrow, Alexa and I are going on a Shopping Adventure and will be eating lunch at the Cheesecake Factory! I am thinking about getting the Vietnamese Summer Shrimp Rolls. Either way, the brown bread that they give you when you sit down is to DIE FOR! :D
P.s. You guys are doing awesome with my Giveaway! You are all so clever. I think that all of your entries sound awesome, so I am going to have a third party pick a winner! That will keep things fair! If you have not entered, there is still time! CLICK HERE!


  1. I love the idea of Laughing Cow and carrots! I recently bought some laughing cow after reading all about it from everyone's blogs, and I have been melting it on my vegetables, with some garlic and pepper, yum!

  2. I had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory a few weeks ago for a friends birthday. I cant even remember what I ordered because the four of us who went traded dishes multiple times. I did try a bite of my friends banana cream cheesecake which was delish!

    I love the original Kashi Go Lean too. Its one of my favs!

  3. i have been dying to try those jamfrankas bars but can't find 'em anywhere! and 34 cents a pop? thats awesome.. i need to hunt them down now!

    laughing cow and carrots is one of my favorite combos.. though i love laughing cow with pretty much anything!

    enjoy your night girlie! xoxo

  4. I love the Van's and fruit platter :). Have fun at the Cheesecake Factory girl!


  5. I'm the same way with you on the eating so often! I love to snack all day long so small plates is the way to go! I also share your daily grocery store trip!

    What a fun baked dish!!

  6. Love the kale creation, too fun! I always wonder why my bnut squash fries arent crispy too...they are still delish!

  7. I love the butternut squash fries! It's funny, because I use about 10X the ketchup--at least! Haha.

    The kale concoction is so creative! It looks delicious, too. Have fun tonight!

  8. wow what an amazing waffle plate, I love it!

  9. yum yum yum! your eats from today look good...i love all the snackage and those waffles look so cute! ;)

  10. I know what you mean! I feel like I eat my carrots faster than they can grow them! Carrots and cereal go faster than Speedy Gonzalez around here!

  11. What yummy eats you had! Yummmmyy for sure. Waffles are amazing, but so is your kale meal!
    <3 jess

  12. your waffle plates are too cute :) and that kale creation looks awesome! do we get to SEE the college video? :D

  13. Creamy oooeey gooeeey goodness, man, I need that heart bowl! LOL!!

  14. I LOVE the way you plate the mini waffles plus fruit - so fun!

  15. Dude, you are soooo right. Cheesecake Factory's brown bread is SO DAMN GOOD. Every time I go, my GFs and I always ask the waiter for extra bread to take home. So tastyyy. Hope you had a blast there!!

  16. Good job with the early morning workout. get in and get done right!

  17. love the kale concoction!! you are so creative!



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