It Happens!

Wowzers...My camera was LOADED with pictures, so to avoid making this post too long, I'm going too let the pictures do MOST of the talking..... not all, though! ;)

Let's start out with the fact that I got THREE PACKAGES today! I love my mailman! haha

Actually, I love.... Heather

.....Leslie & Jackson

I can't wait to test this little baby out!

.....AND Danica!

My yummy breakfast included:
  • Kashi Heart To Heart Waffle
  • PB mixed with a splash of milk (I was trying to thin it out in the micro..instead it created some fun PB crumbles!)
  • Banana Slices
  • Archer Farms Cherry Pomegranate FF Yogurt

These "PB Crumbles" were quite the discovery!
After running by Kroger to stock up on (these babies!), it was time for lunch! I took an English Muffin and topped it with Hummus, Tomato Slices & Steamed Broccoli. I had a delightful mix of strawberrries & cherries on the side.
Crispy, crunchy, smooth goodness!

After completing some chores around the house, I made a refreshing Smoothie.

  • 1/2cup FroYo
  • 1/2T Chia Seeds
  • 1/2cup FF Chocolate Milk
  • 1/2cup crushed ice
It doesn't seem like much, but it made a nice, big batch of creamy goodness! The Chia Seeds not only contributed their nutritional benefits, but they added a nice crunch-like element...like cookies and cream!A little later, I finished off the last 1/3 of a Chocolate Chip Clif Bar.Then I got CREATIVE in the KITCHEN....if this tastes as good as I hope, it will be a huge hit! You'll have to come back tommorrow to learn more! :)Eventually, I dug back into my froyo.....I had this baby bowl.....refilled enough times to make it dinner! pahha! Atop the one pictured is an Emily's Dessert Glazed Donut (PERFECT Ice Cream Topper...I have decided!), then some Puffins (another great topper!), and then some Multigrain Cherrios, then some Kashi Go Lean Crunch.
After which, it was time to go spinning! IT HAPPENS! Hey, good news is that I think I burned it all in Spinning because I almost died (haha....okay a little exaggeration there!) AND I am determined to eat extra better tommorrow, so where's the harm!?!
I surely got my Calcium in for today! ;)

I am sitting here, sweaty and in need of a shower. I am not reallly hungry, but it will probably hit me later on! Who Knows! (edited to add: PB on Whole Wheat Bread!~ :D)


For now, (after chugging loads of water), I am sipping on some water spiked with Santa Cruz Organic Strawberry Lemonade Juice. YUM!
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  1. Awesome packages! You're rolling in free stuff :D The smoothie looks fabulous, too! Have a great night :)

  2. pb crumbles.. very interesting!

    love the hair girl - you have such a sweet smile!

  3. That smoothie sounds delish :). You got some great packages today, lucky girl!


  4. its like food blogger hair cut day or something I swear!

  5. wohoo for the packages! Best way to start the day if you ask me. And i'm loving the hair cut-it looks so fresh and so clean clean! :)

  6. I love the blue plate meal today. Great parcels, I love getting things though the post.

  7. Great idea with the english muffins, very creative! I do notice your hair is shorter by the way..not much, but enough to make it worth the money! It looks nice ;)

  8. I like your hair cut! Most ppl wouldnt be able to tell, but i can usually tell when people snip even the tiniest bit off! You can definately tell it looks fresher and cleaner on the ends!

    NIce packages! Lucky girl!

  9. oh man you GOTTA find hermits, they are great!

    i like the haircut, even if its minimal, now you know its all healthy and even :)

  10. great packages! thanks for the broccoli idea- will be in my hummus wrap tomorrow! did the chia seeds have a taste?

    Nothing wrong with fro-yo...protein, calcium, it's aaaaaaaall good ;)

  11. The Archer Farms yogurt sounds really good. I'll have to add that to my list of things to buy when I'm next in the States!

  12. Woohoo for edible mail!! Love the trim - don't you like how your hair feels after even just a bit is cut off? All nice and healthy :)

  13. I don't normally buy flavored yogurt, but I bought that Archer Farms yogurt the other day. SOOO YUMMY! (it was the only one on the shelf that didn't have HFCS)

  14. You lucky girl. THREE packages? Awesome! Can't see what else you make with your chia seeds. All your foods look fantastic!
    <3 jess

  15. YAY your hair looks cute!!
    I haven't been able to read your blog consistently for the past week (I'm crying too) so I'm kind of just skimming it and saw your pic!
    Can't wait to see you again in real life :)

    Yep, you guessed it - too lazy to sign in! :)


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