Intuitive BBQ

Today was a great day of eats! I don't think that I have eaten this intuitively in a long time and it makes me want to continue with the streak tomorrow! :D
Breakfast consisted of a whole wheat dinner roll (Target brand and ohh so good!), cut into thirds (not half!) and topped with PB & Blueberry/Cherry Preserves. Alongside (in a matching bowl) was a chopped peach with some black grapes mixed in!
Beautiful and Tasty! After showering and getting ready for a long day at the FroYo shop, I whipped up a quick lunch. Into the frying pan went:
Carrot Slices
Red Bell Peppers
Portabello 'Shrooms
A bit of Spaghetti Sauce
It was soooooo GOOD, filling and fresh (none of the veggies were frozen).
Work went by quicker than usual because we were quite busy. I actually had to open about 15-20 minutes early because there was a Volleyball Team of about 20+ middle school girls having a "sit-in". They arrived about 10 minutes after me (I usually have 30 minutes to get ready/open) and they were chanting "We want Ice Cream", "We Scream for Ice Cream", etc etc...I wasn't really mad or anything...it was actually quite funny and they did tip a little bit....

I rushed home after work, changed my clothes, prepped my dinner and shoved down some PRE-SPIN fuel before running out the door....
A banana & Three True North Almond Clusters
Spinning was GREAT (per usual) and I had made a dinner completely wrapped in foil so that my daddio could throw it in a 350* oven while I drove home...
My side dish of choice was rutabaga (see "recipe" here). But the main show was a BBQ Fish Taco..Oh yes, I did! I took half of the same fish shown in this post and wrapped it in an Alvarado St. Sprouted Wheat Tortilla with some BBQ sauce and All Natural Kraft Shredded Colby Jack. I served it over a bed of crisp romaine!
Absolutely AH-Mazing Combo
And the other half...because they both looked so good that I couldn't pick just one to show you!
And Dessert was half of a WF Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (I may or may not have eaten the other half yesterday?!) STRAIGHT from the freezer! HOLY YUM! A few grapes also made an appearance!
Now it's time to enjoy my DVR and see who got voted off of SYTYCD! :D

My mom bought some Smart Ones Desserts at the store today and I'm still itching for a little something, so I may officially end the night with this baby! Yea, I have a bigger sweet tooth than the average bear!


  1. yay for intuitive eating! Dinner looks great :-)


  2. Awesome day of eating!! Have you read the book Intuitive Eating (think that's what it's called...)?

  3. yeah intuition! tacos looks icredible :D

    enjoy your Friday- weekend is in SIGHT!

  4. wohooo for intuition babycakes! So awesome! That lunch looked amazing btw! love mixed veggies like that esp in my omeletes or scrambled eggs! Mmm

  5. Intuition is the best! Your eats all look super delicious. YUM! Glad spinning went well :)
    <3 jess

  6. WOW what a great looking dinner. I love that you prepped it so your dad could just throw it in! I do that with Josh sometimes, makes getting things ready so much easier. Loving all the fresh fruit too. Hooray for summer

  7. Nothing wrong with a sweet tooth! I bed it doesn't help working around FroYo, huh? I used to work at an ice cream shop in the summer (on the of the city's best) and that summer was probably the most sugar and cream filled three months I've ever had!

    I actually thought about putting salmon in a wrap last night, but didn't. Your fish isn't as fishy as salmon, so I'm sure it tasted great! I love the idea.

  8. Wow, Target stores in Texas must have a lot more food items than the ones up here in Massachusetts do! Dinner rolls?!

    That dinner looks awesome... let's hear it for intuition.

  9. I just think its so cool you work with ice cream. you have one of the best jobs. ever :)
    wow your stir-fry mix looks ah-mazing!! so colorful

  10. I have a big sweet tooth to, I consume A LOT of cocoa powder LOL.

    The almond clusters look really tasty. I thought about buying those, but held off. I may have to give it a try. yum!


  11. so proud of you for your intuitive eating, sweetheart! this is definitely something i'm trying to work on myself so i am very inspired by you and this post! thanks for sharing :)

    p,s. those dinner rolls look awesome.. i LOVE thick doughy moist bread.. yum yum :)

  12. WFs cookies are AMAZING!! I love them - nice and soft :)

    Your lunch sounds delicious!

  13. Hooray for intuitive eating!

    I LOVE the looks of that stir-fry. It's been far too long since I've made one!

  14. Haha, you must have more patience than I my friend, cause I'd of told those girls just where the ice cream would end up if they didn't quit their screaming. :)

    Your eats look great, and I'm glad you did it intuitively! I espially love the stir-fry type thing for lunch.

    Wishing you a great night and an amazing weekend!

    Much love,

  15. Great day of intutive eating, love the fish tacos!!

  16. oh my! your fish taco reallllly caught my eye and its making me drool even though i literally JUST ate dinner!!!

    I also have a major sweet tooth - I try to keep it under control, but sometimes I give in =)

  17. wow, why do you always have such amazing eats? The wrap looks REALLY good, and so does the stir-fry! I would love to have added maybe some cheese, and pineapples!


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