Well Alexa and I were planning on trying pilates tomorrow night, but I have to work the late shift, so we are going on Tuesday morning!
Any Pilates Gu-Ru's out there?!
So this is not a post of all of my eats today...rather some of my more interesting eats...

First...PB Yogurt (it's been too long) with frozen banana chunks. Go. Make. This. Now.

Mix about 1/2 c. Yogurt (I use FF Vanilla Stonyfield Farm) with ~1T PB (Mine was crunchy this time) and stir in ~half of a frozen banana (I cut my bananas into small chunks before freezing and then microwave them for about 6 seconds so that I can seperate them).

After mixing, the bananas act as a type of gelatin/whatnot and it's so creamy & cool.....Oh man! :D
For "Brunch", I made a frittata of sorts....I sauteed the following veggies:
  • Portabellos
  • Red Peppers
  • Carrots
  • Onion
  • Shredded Broccoli Stems (this is an ingenious way to use the bulky stems..and sneak veggies into your diet!)
  • TOOOOONS of Chili Powder :D

When verything looked just right, I turned down the heat and poured in 1egg + 1 egg white (beaten together). Once it looked fairly set, I placed it under the broiler until it look fully cooked.

Then I cut it up and plated...Let's get a closer look at this goodness! SOOO Good! And such a fun way to mix things up!

After work, I dove into this little guy..err gal... ;)

Penny's Low Fat Desserts Almond Poppy Seed Muffin Top
There is a light lemon essence in the midst of a perfectly subtle sweetness. However, the first thing you will notice is that each bite is...very, very dense, almost like a sweet dough; which I actually thoroughly enjoyed! The abundance of poppy seeds adds a slight element of crunch, but the delightfully dense textural experience overwhelms.
I enjoyed every. single. bite.
And finished it off with a scoop of Breyers FREE Vanilla Ice Cream! MMM baby! :D
Look at what came in the mail today...it is from Anthro! They have the cutest stuff! They sent me a 15% off coupon because (I just wrote b/c...your not in 10th grade anymore, Emily!) my birthday is this month (July 16th!) and it came in a cute little sewing pouch!

Next Food Network Star is on tonight and my mom and I are sooooo READY!

Are you?!


  1. We've got the show TiVo'd and are about to watch it now!! I'm secretly hoping the RD wins, even though she's not that good.

    Loved the frittata, very festive and colorful. I love chili powder too. Sometimes I put cayenne in my ice cream!

    Yeah for pilates. I Just do the videos, I figure I should get used to it before doing it with tons of other people!

  2. That poppyseed muffin top looks delish :)! I loved last few seasons of the Next Food Network star, but didn't even know this season started, lol.


  3. banana peanut butter yogurt sounds so good! i should definitely make that with soy yogurt sometime. mmmm. and that sewing pouch is so cute!


  4. Watching The Next Food Network Star right now! Loving that poppy seed muffin. So cute! And I really like your frittata. I'm making a similar omelet like thing tonight. :D

  5. OMG that pb banana yogurt sounds incredible! You're too smart lovebug! And yumm that muffin! I canno wait until I can finally get my hands on some of those guys!

    Hope you had a wonderful rest of your day!

  6. PB yogurt sounds so good- I am getting some PB2 and can't wait to experiment!

    YAY Anthro! what have you got planned for your birthday?

  7. The frittata looks just like a pizza (probably a lot healthier too) Yum.

  8. AH I love anthro! And that frittata looks awesomely delish.

  9. i LOVE next food network star! i think that jeffrey and melissa are rockin it :D
    hope you have a great day!

  10. My roommate has a pilates for Abs video and that thing is HARD! we tried it one day and gave up after about 10 minutes. I'll just stick to running! haha.

  11. i love frozen fruit with yogurt...the way the yogurt forms a layer around the frozen nanners, mmmm. have you ever tried frozen grapes? they are like little sorbet balls!!

  12. Love the frittata and that poppyseed muffin top sounds amazing!

  13. PB yogurt sounds amazing.. i definitely recommend someone markets that stuff :)

    hmm i've only taken a few pilates class so i'm no guru at all but exercisetv.com has some pretty good workouts if you're interested!

  14. Hi! My b-day is July 14th and I LOVE food network star, I've watched every season. Sometimes I have dreams where I am the next star, hee hee. :)

    I love your blog and my name is Kristen by the way!

  15. I've always wondered, do you really get a strong peanut butter flavor when you mix it in yogurt? It seems like it would get swept away

  16. Mmm that frittata looks yumm-ay! I love the big chunks of veggies! Have a great day!


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