Penny's Nirvana

Breakfast was delightful. But, how could you go wrong with Kashi Heart to Heart Waffles, Maple Syrup, Banana Slices and a huge scoop of Crunchy PB?!

You can't!

Are you drooling?! Well, keep scrolling because it doesn't stop here....
After getting ready for work, I made a light summer salad of romaine, strawberries, walnuts and a light spritz of Wishbone Honey Mustard Buzz Salad Spritzers!
A repeat dish FO' SHO!
After working from 11AM-5PM, I came home and grabbed a CLIF ZBAR. I was headed off to the gym, when my mom told me that a package had come and she put it in the freezer. HALT!
I just love seeing this little logo...
That's right, ladies & gents, Penny's Low Fat Desserts sent me a whole box of their cookies and muffin tops! It was truly delightful to open this box and see all of these tempting treats! Stay tuned in the next few weeks because there MAY or MAY NOT be a giveaway in the works!?
After 30 minutes in the weight room & running 1.5 miles @ 6mph (I was ready to stop at 1 mile when "Check Yes Juliet" came strolling through my ipod & told me to "Run, Baby, Run"....well, how could I stop with that playing over and over in my ears?!), I came home and helped my mom with a few things (such as changing the stickers on my car).
I eventually got around to making dinner and it was
Just how I like 'em!
I layered a chopped sweet potato with 1oz of cheddar cheese and a mixture of refried beans and chopped broccoli. Alongside, I had (what else) a POM Spritzer!

I think this bite captures the essence of this bowl BEST! :)
What happened next is no surprise...I broke into my new treats and what better way to start than with a cookie named after your's truly (well, sort of! haha):
I'm not even sure how to start this description. Penny's Low Fat Desserts White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie literally took my breath away. I popped the frozen cookie into the toaster to take the chill off and dug straight in. It is big, soft, thick and full of cranberries and white chocolate chips that make for one of the best combinations ever (I have decided, after eating this cookie!).
Penny's Low Fat Desserts explains this phenomenon of a cookie as follows:
Paying close attention to the benefits of oats and fruit, Em, 16 considered how well the different flavors blend and the health attributes of oatmeal and real cranberries. Great idea then off it went to our food scientist for development!
I literally cannot wait until I am the food scientist that these ideas are flowing to! It is my dream job and I am doing everything I can to work my way towards that position.
Furthermore, "Emily's Medley" is the subtitle of this cookie...I would like to pretend that it's named after me because I am in LOVE! I mean, there is only 2.5g of fat & 150 calories in this sinful treat?! You've got to be kidding me!!

After engaging in this nirvana, I am still at a slight loss for words. Oh, my mom stole a bite and her only words were "Ahhh...yumm!". After calming down (and pressuring me for another bite), she demanded that I feature her sinfully delicious experience with all of my readers...so there ya go! :D

Now, it's time to munch on some cereal (A combo of PB Panda Puffs & Multigrain Cherrios) and read some blogs!
Look at what I found...


  1. Those cookies sound awesome! Love the SP/bean/broc bowl, what a great quick dinner idea.

  2. Hey Emily! I'm Emily too!! I may have to get one of those cookies. A food named after us just has to be fabulous!! ;)

  3. mmm they look fantastic :)

  4. I need some of that waffle action in my house! Where do you get these great samples from? The cookies look and sound incredible!

  5. Lucky Emily what a great package.

  6. Those waffles look amazing.

  7. Lucky you! You get so many awesome dessert freebies!

  8. So are you going to become an RD, then go into food science? I think you'd be great at that, as you always come up with unique combinations!! Sometimes I wish I had gone into food science, but the good thing is that I can use food science in my job if I want, even if I'm not a "master".

    Anyway, thanks for making me drool!!

  9. Oh so fabulous- jealous of your package ;) That lunchy salad looks like a great meal. I love adding fruit to my salads. mmm Have a great Friday!

  10. Holy YUM I'm so jealous of your package, haha. Your dessert sounds AMAZING!
    Love your salad girl.
    Have an awesome day!
    <3 jess


    Ahh you're such a lucky girl for getting all those goodies!! Haha, love the Emily's Medly! How fitting! :)

    Have a good day girlie!

  12. Delicious waffle creation! Those cookies look fabulous, too. What a great package!

  13. What a lucky girl! Can't wait to hear about all of the products. They sound fantastic. Happy Friday!

  14. What a great foodie package! Those cookies sound delicious!!

    Heart to heart is the best brand of waffles! Period. ;)

  15. I have that song on my running playlist too! It always keeps me going a little further!

    Cool product :-)


  16. Totally just ate breakfast and now I'm regretting not having waffles! Haha! And a cookie, they look amazing! Definitely my fave kind of cookie too...anything with white chocolate chips.

    I hope you enjoy your Friday!

  17. kashi waffles can do no wrong!! its kind of impossible.
    those cookies sound fabulous!!

  18. Your meals are totally drool worthy! I am now going to shamelessly say, I wish someone would send me a box of gluten free dessert goodies! You are one lucky lady!

  19. What an amazing box!!! Those will surely make your tummy happy :)

    And those waffles look fantastic.. definitely can't go wrong there!

  20. There is so much deliciousness on this page I don't even know what to do with myself. Muffin TOPS?! Lucky girl! (Have you seen that Seinfeld episode?)

    Waffles with nut butter and banana is just about the sexiest thing breakfast has ever seen. I like your style.

  21. lucky girlie those muffin tops look fabulous... enjoy them, Emily!

    p.s. i want that breakfast now =)

  22. those cookies look great! where can i find them?!

  23. Fantastic breakfast. I want to try the Mighty Maple....how does it compare to the cinnamon.

    I've heard of Penny's desserts - can't wait to read your reviews.

  24. Ahh your breakfast look delicious! Such a comforting, classic combination.

    Music also motivates me like nothing else when I'm on a run. Glad you pumped out an extra half mile - it all adds up in the long run! (No pun intended)

    That cookie of course looks fantastic. Can't wait to hear how the other ones turn out!

    Much love,

  25. all your food looks great! i'm going to have to try those cookies.


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