Under the weather...

I have not been feeling in tip top shape today, although I did drag myself to the gym for a little treadmill action (no running though!). My left ear kind of aches (sinuses!), but I took some ibuprofen and am feeling a bit better now....which is good because I have to work tonight 5-10!

Here are a few pictures of some of my eats from today before I head off for the night...

Breakfast was a Cinnamon Lover's Dream...Kashi Heart To Heart Warm Cinnamon Oat, Cinnamon Puffins & Multigrain Cherrios.....HALLLA! :D
I also had half of a frozen banana mixed with PB....
I only wish I could give everyone a sample....But I can't, so go make it yourself! ;)
I have been eating lots of these juicy babies....
let's hope the Vitamin C kicks up my immune system!
Lunch couldn't have been more comforting....Poor Man's Taco Salad! (aka Amy's Chili over crunchy lettuce)
I also made the best thing ever. Well, at least the best thing that I have ever eaten out of a cone. Breyer's FREE Vanilla Ice Cream with about 1/4 or so of a frozen WF Vegan Choc Chip Cookie crumbled in.
Oh. My. Gosh.
Penny's Low Fat Desserts Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Yet another winner. It had a subtle sweetness that was enhanced by the little pockets of natural sugar, known as raisins ;) . The cookie itself was dense and soft (per usual), but was also a bit heartier than the other flavors thanks to the heart healthy oats.
Soft & Delicious
Off to work! Let's hope I am in tip top shape for pilates tomorrow morning!


  1. aw sorry you're under the weather, love! Hope all that amazing food made you feel a little better :)!!

  2. I hope you feel better! I'm sure that orange (and the Puffins) will help you feel better. Don't work too hard tonight!

    You are a GENIUS! I wanna crumble a cookie in my ice cream now. It's like the freshest possible chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream ever, haha! Kudos to taht idea.

    Love you!

  3. delish desserts! hope they help you to feel better!!

  4. the ice cream cone looks amazing! yummmm. i hope you're in tip top shape come tomorrow, and have a lovely rest of your day today! :)

    (A.K.A. a "fabulous food who is not on your list yet." haha, you don't have to put me on, i just thought i'd say that since you wrote it right above this comment box.)

  5. omg the new kashi cereal! i've been dying to try it!!! LOVE frozen naners as well!!

    hope you feel better soon xoxox

  6. That cookie looks so chewy and delicious. I hope you're feeling better soon!

  7. Sorry you've been feeling sick :( I hope you feel better soon!

    That cinnamon cereal mix looks fab! I really want to try the new kashi one now. And that ice cream looks so yummy :D

  8. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well! But that cookie surely picked you up :)

    Feel better gorgeous!
    <3 jess

  9. I hope you recover your spirit and health soon, girl! But I'm sure you'll be feeling tip top again with all those nourishing and yummy goods!

  10. Bleh, I've been feeling kind of sick lately too. At least you have some delicious eats to keep your energy up! No, I don't think nut butter/banana combinations will EVER get old. That cookie looks heavenly too.

    Feel better soon!

    Much love,

  11. hope you feel better, Emily..maybe it's Target withdrawl? :(

  12. Get well soon! I try to push through my workouts when I don't feel well, but i usually fair better just skipping them when I am sick..speeds the healing process I think. But I know the feeling..I hate skipping. Hope you feel better!

  13. Hope you feel better, girl! And tell me how Pilates goes...I've been intrigued by Pilates but haven't gotten myself to go!

  14. I hope you feel better :( Ugh, I hate sinus aches.

    Regarding your question about IBS, I don't think you can ever get ride of it, but you can treat the symptoms by eating the right foods. For example, you seem to know that carrots and banana give you trouble, so maybe try to limit your intake of those foods. Banana are especially bad for IBS because they are high in fructose. Especially as you have them in the picture above (frozen and cooled a bit). The more ripe they are, they more fructose they have, the more they may effect IBS. I know it sucks. Try them less ripened and see what happens!

    Have a good day. Thanks for the question and feel free to ask me more!

  15. aww i hope you feel so much better!!!
    Stil super jealous that you have that kashi cereal :) haha

  16. I hope you feel better soon! Your ice cream creation looks amazing girl :). Have a great day!


  17. Keep with the vitamin C! Hope you get feelin better fast!

    Wow, that ice cream mix looks amazing! Adding in favorite foods (i.e. cookies) to yogurt or ice cream is one of my all time favorite things to do with food! Oh there are so many combinations to try!

    Once I'm through all this fresh fruit I have to eat before I "hopefully" leave to visit home... I will definitely be breaking out one of my frozen nanners to try your creation!

    p.s. am I not considered a fabulous foodie?? ... ): Nah, you do what you want girl!

    Hope today is a better day!

  18. awww lovebug, i'm sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well! If it makes you feel any better, I was definitely a sick little blogger last night. :/ Not fun I tell you, not fun!

    That cereal mess looks amazing and after your review of the neat Kashi Heart to Heart, I think it's necessary that I find those bad boys soon!

    Hope you get some rest, tons of vitamins, and good food so you are feeling much better soon!

  19. hope you feel better soon! earache sounds like it hurts.

    Free ice cream Mm, I could use some of that.

  20. i hope you're feeling better! that ice cream and cookie both look awesome :)

  21. feel better dear - thanks for checking out my blog. i am so glad i found yours! i mean, at first look, i see ice cream with a vegan cookie - yes please!

    have a wonderful tuesday :)

  22. thanks for checking out my blog!
    yumm i love oranges, the rest of your eats look awesome

  23. I hope you feel better soon! I dont like a sad and sick emily :(
    i need to try those oatmeal cookies of yours. They look delish!! feel better!!!

  24. Hope you get to feeling better, thanks for visiting my blog! That cookie looks delish. I LOVE pilates especially on the machines. I used to do it a lot when I was dancing, but now I can't really afford it :( have fun!


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