Green With Envy

I woke up this morning, took a quick shower, had a bite of my Chocolate Chip Clif Bar and got ready. After rushing through the morning, I eagerly went to the kitchen and got out my supplies! That's right, I was FINALLY going to try the infamous green monster!

My Supplies:
  • BIG Handfull of Spinach

  • about 1/3 of that "Mix" Smoothie drink (I don't care for it straight up!)

  • 1 Banana

  • 1/2c Frozen Strawberries

  • 1/6 of the container of Silken Tofu (I have NEVER cooked with Silken Tofu..or Tofu.. before and am psyched to play around with it!) I got the idea to try Silken Tofu from Miss Lilveggiepatch in this post!

  • Probably about 1 or more cups of crushed ice. Seriously, it was NOT getting thick!
    Meh. It was good and I could not taste the spinach (which I was not afraid of anyways), but I think it wasn't quite sweet enough for me! What should I add to give it some UMPH!? Alongside, I heated up an Oatmeal and Date Bar...which I made here and then froze! Let's get a better picture of that bar, shall we?!....
There we go!

I worked today from 11:30-5 today at the FroYo shop. It was early release day for Middle Schoolers and it was CAH-RAZY! Seriously, I almost pulled my hair out! I won't bore you with my ranting, but I do have a funny story to tell you...I'll do it in dialouge format:

This kid came up and was like "Can I get a water?". I was like "sure". And he was like "So how much will it be?"
Emily: "$1.61"
Kid: "Well I only have a dollar"
Emily "Okay well it's $1.61"
Kid: "Hey Tommy (name changed for protection of the child..pahaha actually, I just don't remember it!), do you have any change?"
Tommy: "Yea, here's a quarter"
Kid: "Okay, I have $1.25"
****long pause*****
Emily: "Okay, well it's $1.61"
Kid (After talking to a few more friends): "Alright, here's $1.55"
Emily: (about to explode): "It's $1.61"
Kid finally gets $1.61 and I couldn't have been happier to ring him up and get him out!

When I got home and got around, it was 5:30 and I just wanted something quick!
  • Carrots

  • Cucumber Slices

  • The Rest of my Refried Black Beans

  • A Big Spoonful of my Hummus Prize from An Apple A Day! I LOVE this Sonny&Joe's Hummus....and so does my family; which is not so great because I have never seen this brand around here...but I share! :D
  • Just a Few Tortilla Chips
    Afterwards, as tired as I was, I wanted to go to spinning (on the way, I had a small handfull of dried berries and Almonds)! I really like my instructor and she just makes the hour FLY by! When I left around 6:45 it was POURING! No, like, you could not see two feet ahead of you. Better yet, I had to park waaaay in the back of the gym because when I got there, there were no parking spots. SO, after spinning my heart out for an hour, I got a nice ~1/2 mile jog to my car...at least I got a free shower! ;) It really did feel good though! Driving home was another story, but I made it safe and sound!

When I got home, I dove into my stash of Emily's Desserts (what a fitting name!), which Emily herself, so graciously sent me! I chose to try the Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie and wowzers...

The edges have a bit of crisp to them, while the overall texture of the cookie is delightfully chewy! It also has a rich dark chocolate flavor that is only enhanced by the abundance of dark chocolate chunks! OH. EM. GEE! These babies will satisfy any and every chocolate craving in an amazingly enjoyable way! :D YUM!

Look at that dense center! YUMMMM!
I would strongly suggest that you click here to learn more about Emily and her DELISH VEGAN DESSERTS! They are very reasonably priced too! As satisfied as I was after this chocolate delight, my body had been over worked today and needed some more carbs. So I broke out the Kashi GoLean Crunch! Seriously, I get through a box of cereal every 4 days or so! There are worse addictions, right?! haha

Well, tommorrow shouldn't be too much different (Except the food, of course!) because I work 12-5 again and my instructor is teaching again, so I WILL BE THERE! :D

Oh yea, I missed Sonic's Free Float night (saddd..) because

A. Our Sonic is about 5 minutes away and we have tons of kids around where I live. (aka crowds)

B. I saw the line taking up the whole left lane of the road while I was driving home from spinning and was not in the mood to wait.

C. I had enough of my brother's Slow Churned Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream last night to make up for the whole week! hehe!

Have a fabulous Thursday!

If you haven't yet, ENTER MY GIVEAWAY! The winner will be announced tommorrow! As I said before, you all are so clever, that I am having a third party with fresh eyes pick the winner! Short or long, I love them all!


  1. Ahh I'm sorry the green smoothie wasn't as sweet as you wanted.. I usually use spinach, skim milk, strawberries, 1/2 a banana, and a little bit of OJ. It always turns out soooo yummy!! And those Emily's cookies look soooooo delicious! I love a big chocolate cookie <3 Have a great day!

  2. Sorry the green monster didn't work out well. I've never made one, so I can't help you there :(

    Haha wow, those crazy middle school kids. Ooh, glad you made it home safe. It can be scary to drive when it REALLY pours like that! Once I was on the expressway and had to pull over, because I literally couldn't see. Glad spinning went well, though! That cookie looks soo chocolately and yummy.

    Have a great night!

  3. haha that's story about the kid...what didn't he get about $1.61?! Oh children. P.s. love love love that you work in a fro yo shop. oh hey fro yo!

  4. Mmm, that cookie looks downright indulgent. YUM!

    In my experience, frozen strawberries aren't all that sweet. Fresh strawberries, or fresh/frozen raspberries/blueberries will probably contribute more sweetness to your smoothies. Fresh fruit is typically sweeter than frozen! :)

  5. Oh my gosh! That is hilarious about the kid and the change. Kids sometimes kill me! haha.

  6. The story about the child is hilarious!! Kids are sooooo funny!

    Spinning is amazing isn't it? I love how I pour sweat too. I haven't been in awhile and I seriously need to get back there!

    KashiGoLean is incredibly addictive. Word to the Wise: don't sit on the couch with the box..haha
    Have a great day!

  7. I just started using that same brand of silken tofu. I make smoothies and something the famous "dairy free pudding" with is (tofu, unsweetened chocolate powder, splenda, it's great! Your smoothie looks delicious, I've yet to try the "Green monster" with the spinach and all, but the day is coming when I get up the guts to try!

  8. Now imagine having to teach middle-schoolers every day! That's my life chica!

  9. I just made my first green smoothie., I used spinach, almond milk, banana and I added a little honey (2 tsp) because it wasn't sweet without it.

  10. If your green monster wasn't quite sweet enough, you could add some agave or honey to it...

    Emily's cookie sure does look like a great treat!

  11. why infamous? i think you mean famous...since infamous means famous in a negative way. and green monsters are all good in my book. ill let the typo slide for now, since its summer break and all...


  12. Oh kids! They're a handful aren't they? Kashi Crunch is the best cereal to go to town on - I love it!! That cookie looks fantastic :)

  13. Oh goodness...middle schoolers...what a drag! Haha! But at least you got some good entertainment out of it right?!

    Sorry your first GM experience wasn't as flavorful as you expected! I still have yet to try one...I'm waiting to find that 'perfect' recipe! Haha! If you try another one and like it, let me know!

    That bar you made looks awesome - and I love how baked goods can be frozen, cause I looove to bake, but usually make way too much to eat before they go bad, ya know? Helloooo freezer.

    Hope you have a lovely Thursday!

  14. anytime I see green smoothies I am tempted to say, "where's the maple syrup?!" I would need something extra in there- vanilla, cinnamon, maple...

    Aww, poor kid! Glad he got his water eventually!

    I go through tons of cereal too- worse addictions possible, and I can live with this one ;)

  15. Yay blue plate.

  16. Sorry that you didn't enjoy the green monster very much. I haven't tried one yet but REALLY need to! I don't eat much cereal--but there are definitely worse addictions haha :) Yummy cookies!
    <3 jess

  17. I don't know how you work at a fro yo shop. I would eat it all day!!!

  18. I second Kelly's comment. I would feel soooo sick at the end of my shift!

  19. Bummer about the smoothie :-(

    Saw your freezer guest post on Heat Eat Review!! Loved it!! :-D

  20. hey
    One idea for thickening your smoothie without ice is just freezing the banana. I have so many frozen bananas, and I just pop one in my green smoothies.


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