Late Start

I didn't wake up until 11! eek! haha Owell, I guess I needed the sleep. After getting ready, I pan seared one of my nutritious & delicious (sorry, I had to do it!) homemade veggie burgers and toasted an Oroweat English Muffin. Paired with tomatoes, carrots and strawberries...YUM! These veggie burgers are better than ANY frozen variety I have ever had!

Not long after this delightful lunch, while checking emails, I munched on another one of my new Kashi Dark Moch Almond Bars! YUM!

I hope you all can find them because they are worth the hunt!I work the next four days in a row, so I decided to do something fun today! I ran by Old Navy and got a really cute pink skirt for $8 on sale and then I went over to Target again to pick up a Father's Day Card, a lint roller, shaving cream, cereal, bananas (wierd mix of things, no?!) and....

This Cute Bowl that was on the $1 Spot!! :D

I skipped the Starbucks in Target and came home to make a refreshing POM Spritzer and tossed together a combo of MultiGrain Cherrios & PB Panda Puffs. However, after 2 bites, I decided to save the cereal for after SPINNING tonight and instead....

I piled my bowl high with crisp romaine and a whopper scoop of refried black beans.

Which was followed by a delectable Emily's Desserts
Chocolate Dipped Donut.

GOOD GOLLY! (haha I think my grandpa uses that phrase!) These are even better frozen because the layer of chocolate gets hard and makes for a sinful layer of chocolate goodness atop the dense donut!

Pair it with whipped cream and enjoy EVERY BITE! :D

I plan on heading to the gym for a sweaty spinning class in about an hour! Tomorrow, I work at 11, so I am going to try to get to bed early and go to the gym in the morning so that when I get off work at 5, I can just relax! We shall see...


After the gym, I plan on making exactly what I made yesterday after the gym....
  • 1 small banana

  • 2 cups of crushed ice

  • enough chocolate milk to make it smooooth

  • perhaps a bit of PB would make for a nice addition?!

Combine this with a little bowl of munchy cereal and I will be one very happy girl!

I bought some half & half today, so I may attempt to make some of Gina's Ice Cream tommorrow night!

Please, Please, Please truly consider donating to my Race for the Cure fundraiser. It is such a great cause and I would love to walk not only representing my self, but all of you lovely ladies as well!


  1. I never have seen those bars! I must find them!

    hope you are having a great day!


  2. Must find those bars! Mmm! Have fun at spinning and hope your day tomorrow goes as planned :)
    I love new bowls!!
    <3 jess

  3. Your veggie burger looks fantastic! I need to keep my eyes pealed for those new Kashi bars (AND the Laras!!)!

  4. i have got to find those kashi bars STAT! where did you find 'em girl!?

  5. OH man a new Kashi product!? I need to get my hands on those immediately! Where'd you find em?

  6. your target sells bananas?! that's so funny and i wish mine did. your homemade veggie burger looks really good. i'm going to have to try out your recipe myself :D

  7. ooo homemade veggie burgers!!

  8. that donut looks delicious! as does your homemade veggie burger! homemade is always better than frozen, in my opinion.

  9. my grandpa says "good golly" too..."good golly, miss molly" to be exact! Must be a generation thing :P

    11am? Sheesh girlie, by that time I had been up for 6 hours!

    enjoy your Thursday!

  10. can I ask why you took me off your blogroll?


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