POMtastic Pasta & a Race!

For a quick opener to this post, I tried the new Kashi Dark Mocha Almond Bar (HELLO, that name alone caught my attention!) and it was quite good! It was a hearty bar that was not too sweet. I think it serves as a great way to entertain your sweet tooth, without feeling weighted down or going through a sugar rush!
After finishing my post earlier today (2 posts in one day!? You lucky ducks! haha), Michelle asked if I had any recipes for POM Wonderful. While POM Wonderful has a whole recipe page full of tantilizing creations, I decided to try to whip up something of my own!
It turned out quite well!

***N 'n D POMtastic Pasta***
  • I cooked 1/3 cup of mini bowties, adding some frozen veggies towards the end.
  • After draining off the water, I added a handfull of shrimp, the remainder of my lentils (probably 1/6 cup), a wedge of Laughing Cow Swiss and a generous 1/6 cup of POM Wonderful juice.
  • After letting it meld for about 5 minutes, it was ready to be eaten!
I could taste the slight hint of sweetness and it worked just perfectly in this savory dish. I would definitely make this again!
And now for a very important announcement! I will be walking the the Race for the Cure with my Cousin, who is pregnant with her first baby (it's going to be a girl!! :D ). I decided to set up a fundraising page and see what we could do.

I think it is about time to find a cure for breast cancer and I believe that every dollar counts. I kept my goal at $100 because I want you guys to feel motivated to help, even if you can only donate $5 or $10. If you all are more interested in donating, let me know in the comments below and I will up the goal and see if we can reach it!

Please check it out and tell all of your friends!!!
Also, don't forget to enter Anna's special 100th post Giveaway!
Oh, and go wish Gen a Happy Birthday and enter her Giveaway!


  1. WOW what kind of kashi bar is that? like one of their chewy ones? i must try it =)

    so proud of you for doing race for the cure -- that's amazing!

  2. waohh when did kashi get a new bar flavor!!
    sounds awesome :) mmm love the pasta!

  3. Love the Kashi bar.

    What a great cause to raise money for.

  4. I've never even heard of that bar! Sounds yummy though :) Your POM meal looks delicious!
    <3 jess

  5. Ooooh a new Kashi bar?! Oh man, gotta find them asap! Glad you enjoyed it, it sounds awesome!

    I'm SO SO glad you're doing Race for a Cure! So awesome!

    I love your POM creation and definitely need to check out some of their recipes!


  6. i have never heard of that kashi bar girl! I am very intrigued!!!

    what a sweetheart you are for doing that Race for a Cure =)

    <3 much love!

  7. That's great you're doing Race for a Cure!

    Hmm that Kashi bar has got my attention!

  8. Mmm the name of that Kashi bar caught my attention too! I'll definitely be on the lookout for those!

  9. POM in pasta is a genius idea! PS check out my giveaway!

  10. That Kashi bar looks DIVINE! I have a question for you. Have you heard of Affiliated Foods? If so, what can you tell me about it? I have an interview with a company who works for Affiliated Foods, and it's my DREAM job! Any info would help. Thanks!

  11. P.S YOU ADDED POM JUICE TO YOUR PASTA??!!! I LOVE YOU! Sorry, I'm not yelling, but I just went through your post again (I'll admit, I didn't read it all the way through before) and I saw that you added 1) laughing cow cheese and 2) POM juice. That's so awesome, you have such a unique cooking style that I truly admire.

  12. Ok, definitely raiding the bar aisle at the grocery store tomorrow looking for that because it sounds delicious. I'm enjoy a fiber one mocha bar right now but that's probably made with better for me ingredients and I can never say no to a touch of almonds.

  13. Good luck with the race and the fund raising girl, it is an awesome cause!!

    I am loving the recipe that you thought up for the POM wonderful juice. So creative. I still have a couple of bottles left over that I need to use up!

  14. ummm that bar looks amazing, I want one!

  15. hi lovie, my sincerest apologies for being so mia from blogging. I was so terrible about commenting but i am back now!
    That bar looks mighty fine and way to cook up something new and interesting! So creative!
    And omggg so proud of you for walking in the Race For The Cure! I am actually thinking about doing it, too, because I LOVE doing stuff like that. I walked in a really great walk for raising food for the homeless on Thanksgiving morning and had the best time!

  16. POM in pasta, I would NEVER think of that! So creative girl! <3

  17. very interesting and creative recipe! thanks for checking out the blog and entering.


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