Hey guys! So I have eaten MANY more bites (errr.. handfulls) of cereal and Back to Nature Poppy Thyme Crackers today than what's pictured...probably too many! Moving on...

Yet another great one! I popped open one side of the plastic overwrap an zapped it in the microwave for 30 seconds......A Warm, fluffy and soft treat jumped out of the microwave and straight into my mouth. Every bite was dense, moist and packed with melty chocolate chips within the rich batter.
Yum, Yum & Yum! These are about 2X the thickness of vitatops, which is a plus! :DLater on, I made a little snackie glass with Kashi Honey Crunch Mighty Bites, dried cranberries/apples and a few chocolate chips! MMM! Followed by some more MIGHTY BITES of that cereal! ;)Then it was time for dinner....a homemade veggie burger atop a big bed of romaine, which was adorned with ketchup! :D
ICE CREAM (courtesy of Gina!)
Into the mix...
  • 2 cups of Fat Free Half & Half (Oxymoron, no?!)
  • 1 cup of Skim Milk
  • a scant 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1t vanilla

BAM! It was sooooo delicious. Thanks to the fat free half and half, it didn't get very thick/substantial for a cone, but we made it work. My mom and I taste tested it like 38937430827 times while it was going! haha

Oh, but first, this happened....and there was MORE alllll over the floor that I spared you from having to see! I guess the handle/nozzle at the bottom was not popped on right! FAB! It was a complete mess, but it was quite funny...yes, even in the moment! Let's just say that my mom and I are going to look for a cheesecake extract tomorrow at the store. I mean there is banana extract. Do you think there is cheesecake?! haha MMM!

I'm not sure if I'll be buying much IC anymore...I mean I can make my very own with 4 simple ingredients!
This is what I looked at for about 30 minutes straight (with a few brakes to help my mom cook dinner for my daddio!). It was like watching grass grow and I couldn't keep my eyes off of it!

I tried taking a picture, but it just did NOT do this creamy goodness justice, so watch the short little clip below! MMMMMMMM!

Oh guys! I am so excited to make more flavors......add PB, or mashed banana or .....the possibilities are endless! The machine is a beast to clean, but it's worth it! :D

Despite all of our eating (I think I had like 3 cones and many many tastes...but it was almost like air when it was piled within a cone, so I could have eaten like 8 cones! haha), we still have a whole big tupperware full of the creamy goodness. After only one hour in the fridge it looked just like real ice cream and had the perfect texture....but is fat free! YUM!
Eye Doctor and WHOLE FOODS tomorrow! :D Then Alexa & I are going to our Spinning class at 6, followed a night at my house watching my homemade video, looking at her Europe Trip Pictures and eating......a Banana Split Sundae with homemade ICE CREAM! WHOOOO!
What's on your plate for tomorrow?!


  1. ice cream maker! SOO cool!

    sounds like a fun day planned tomorrow .. I don't have much planned at the moment. Just class and gym. Hopefully something spontaneous will occur :-)


  2. Ooh that muffin top looks delicious! Like a deep chocolate vitatop, but more moist and with more chocolate chips. I really want to try those. They'd be amazing in greek yogurt parfaits.

    I watched the clip, and your ice cream looks so good. I'd love to make cheesecake ice cream, or cupcake/cake batter ice cream. Yum!

    Haha, tomorrow I'm getting surgery so I'll pretty much be at the hospital all day. Fun fun ;) I hope you have a lovely day though! Your activities sound fun--have a good time at WF!

  3. Oh geeze I sure wish it was homemade ice cream! Jealous! I want one of those ice cream makers SO bad! Your a lucky one! AND with that delicious muffin top! Love melty chocolate muffins... so great! All your eats look amazing!

    Tomorrow? WORK! ICK!

  4. ummm can I come over and help you experiment lol

  5. YEAH ice cream! Homemade is definitely the best- I'd be slamming vitatop/Penny's sundaes for sure!

    hope appointment goes well and have fun at whole foods!

  6. ohmygosh an ice cream maker?? too awesome :)
    have fun tomoro hun!!

  7. Home made ice cream I wouldn't know where to start making that.

  8. Haha, I did that SAME EXACT thing with my ice cream the first time I used the ice cream maker!! In fact, I've done it again since then. Now I'm used to it and I ALWAYS make sure that hole is closed before I poor in the ice cream. I don't use fat free half and half, but it's good to see that it works if I ever wanted to try. I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

  9. Darn it - now I have to add ice cream maker to the list of kitchen appliances that I NEED :-) I still don't have a food processor so that comes first though! Your ice cream looks fantastic - and heck yeah go for the cheesecake

  10. Sounds like you're gonna have an awesome day!!! Have fun!!! Your ice cream looks so yummy. Homemade ice cream in the best. I love fresh strawberry :)
    <3 jess

  11. If there's a cheesecake extract you have GOT to let me know!! I'd throw that in everything - love me some cheesecake ;)

  12. haha I have asked for an ice cream maker for christmas since i was like.. 5 years old - and still haven't gotten one! I guess I'll have to live out my ice cream making fantasies through you :)

  13. Love the squirts of tom ketchup on your burger, a must for burgers I think.

  14. hahah look at you making ice cream! Guess you'll never have to leave your apartment again haha just kidding! Oh and we def all have messes! It seems like whenever I am trying to do something big and creative, a major mess comes my way. Hate that!
    And omg those muffins just keep on getting better! feed me please!

  15. Hey your Ice cream is looking very yummy ....But i do not have any Ice Maker first i will buy a ice maker then i will try for this ice cream.......


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