Today was very tiring...but busy and fun all the same! It all started out with a nice bowl of cold cereal (Cinnamon Puffins & Multigrain Cherrios), Skim milk AND PB! (and half a banana)
Have you guys ever tried PB in your cold cereals?! Soo good! After an hour at the gym (and another Operation Beautiful Note...I forgot my camera!), I came home and had two of these cookies! Back to Nature Crispy Oatmeal Cookies are the kind of food that is SO GOOD, you make yourself stop buying them
(Just see Miss PB Swirl's comment on this post!)
After showering and all of that good stuff, I cooked up these delightful 365 Butternut Squash Ravioli (YUMMM!), topped them with a dab of butter and steamed some broccoli to go alongside! I love me some steamed broccoli! :D

Then Alexa and I headed off to see FOOD INC.
Here is my review:

This is a great movie that was well researched and all. However, I
don't really think I learned anything new. Yes, we should buy locally and
organically because when we slide something over the scanner at the supermarket,
we are making a vote. However, as they say in the movie, it's not really
plausible (money-wise) for everyone to do that. In the movie they say that we
need to start "demanding wholesome food and they will deliver". I couldn't agree
more, but I think in the end.....the people who go to see this movie are going
to be foodies who already know what the movie is talking about and the people
who should go see the movie...won't. I think it would be awesome if they
incorporated the movie into classes in middle/high school, though!

The Real Highlight of the film was when the lady in front of us fell asleep about half way through and SNORED through the whole second half of the movie! haha!


When I got home, I had about 30 minutes to eat something quick and head off to work. I piled the other half of my banana from breakfast (frozen) & some Stonyfield FF Vanilla yogurt (with a few choc chips) into a cute glass and had some grapes, a peach and Penny's Low Fat Desserts Peanut Butter Cookie perched upon my oblong blue plate.

It was quite the spread. Penny's Low Fat Desserts Peanut Butter Cookie:

This is one of my favorites. It is creamy and while the peanut butter is not bursting at the seams, it is also not subtle. It's like the perfect amount of creaminess ...and when the cookie pops straight out of the oven and into your mouth, it tastes more like gooey PB Cookie DOUGH (HELLO!). Like all of the other delicious Penny's Creations....this was dense, soft and big! :D
I also stuck my hand into some Triscuit Thin Crack..err Crisps a couple of times...
Work went by quickly and I ended up spending some of my tips on some FroYO! It was enough to make two cones...and two cones it was!

What a great ending to the night...







  1. Wow the frozen yogurt look scrumptious.

  2. yessss frozen yogurt! so much love for cones...just takes fro yo to a whole other level! The rest of the eats look delicious and I am so glad you had a good day!

  3. Wow, looks like you had a delicious day! I don't really do nut butters that much, but I might try a few after hearing all the reviews... The idea just seemed too high calorie and not worth it to me. :/ Oh well. Maybe I'm just weird.

  4. Mmm, I've never tried PB in cold cereal! I might have to give that a try. Peanut butter makes anything better!

  5. Thanks for the movie review! I really want to see that, it sounds interesting.

    I've heard about putting pb in cold cereal, yet I haven't tried it. I mean, it's pb, it has to taste good!

    Mmm..froyo, LOVE IT!

  6. The froyo looks divine! Yummmm! Butternut ravioli sounds wonderful as well. I've tried PB in cold cereal and wasn't in love. Maybe I should try it again?!
    <3 jess

  7. that dessert looks as good as i gets!

    p.s. that is too funny about the snoring woman in the movie!!! hope it didn't ruin it for you :)

  8. I haven't seen Food, Inc but I think you are spot-on that the people who go to see it are likely the ones who have an active interest and know this stuff. I want to support local produce, etc, but having taken a trip to the only farmer's market and seen how expensive things are, it's not going to happen anytime soon.

    I think real cookies are lacking in my daily eats. I have never had a real peanut butter cookie! Lara bars and breakfast cookies are as far as I've gone :O Must rectify!

    Enjoy your weekend... :)

  9. butternut squash ravioli sounds delish!


  10. PB is delicious in everything, cold cereals included! Mmmm :D

    Good movie review, but I love the bit about the snoring lady. Hilarious! I would have been cracking up :D

    Love the froyo!

  11. I really wanna see that movie, so bad! I need to find out where it's playing around here. I think it's disappointing when movies point out stuff that foodies generally already know, but I bet it would still be a good thing to watch! Sorry about the snoring lady, haha! Altough I'm sure it was a bit of comic relief for you!

    I couldn't agree more that peanut butter tastes AMAZING with cold cereal! I love it! Puffins and peanut butter are like a match made in heaven.

    Ahh you and those damn cookies - I need to either order some or find a recipe - haha! I just have a pantry overload right now, or I'd look into buying some!

    Enjoy your weekend and get some more froyo tips!


  12. i really want to see food, inc, but you're right - obviously the audience is already educated on the topic. it would be great to get it into schools though!

    that b-nut squash ravioli looks so so good. i made my own one time and should really make that a repeat!

  13. Thank you for the review on food inc- I've really been wanting to see it! YUMMY bfast- I have not tried PB in cold cereal...but I will now ;) Hope you have a great Saturday

  14. i feel like the cinnamon puffins get snubbed because the pb ones are just too good so i like seeing that your showing them some love :)aha i love my comment reference!
    your eats are fabulous girlie

  15. great review, i really wanna see that movie!

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  17. Please review these brownies!

  18. Does anyone know about Movie Popcorn? I'm from Wilkes-Barre,Pa.We have here a movies 14 and was wondering about the popcorn..I get the small no added butter,but would like any input...Thank you


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