What do you eat?!

Let me just start off showing you my dessert from last night! I was going to microwave a single serve NoPudge Brownie when I saw the ice cream cones and remembered a past birthday where we baked the cake in single servings in cones. So, I mixed together the NoPudge Mix with FF Yogurt and scooped it into an ice cream cone. Then I placed the ice cream cone within a mini Coca-Cola glass to hold it still. It was awesome!

Anyways, I woke up this morning at 7:00 and got crackin' on breakfast!

Coffee with a splash of milk and some Truvia most definitely made an appearance!
Followed by an omelet (1 egg + 1 egg white).
I think the extra egg white really helps to make the omelet sturdy and just thick enough! The filling was a combo of chopped broccoli, carrots, lentils and onion (sauteed beforehand).
It was very delicious and browned up perfectly!
Then I got to talking with my cousin online and before I knew it, it was 9:30. I was planning on leaving for the gym at 9, but talking to my cute mommy-to-be cousin is sooo much more important. I was honestly feeling in need of a little something, so I munched on a Banana Chocolate Blastocrisp JamFrakas Bar as I wrapped things up.
Then I hit up the gym and did about 15 minutes of weights before jumping on the treadmill. Okay, here's my thoughts. I only made it for 20 minutes today before I cracked and started walking. I have decided that running depends mostly on two things (for me!):
  • What I ate beforehand...

What do you guys eat before a run?! I know some people just wait to eat until after, but I need my fuel. I am starting to think that I need simple carbs (cue cereal) before a run. My omelet didn't do much for me today! Yesterday, I ate a few too many handfulls of Kashi Mighty Bites before jumping on the treadmill and ended up running 32 minutes straight...no breaks!

  • What music is on my playlist...

"Check Yes Juliet" with it's repetitive "Run, Baby, Run" always keeps me going. What is that one song that keeps you going?! I need more suggestions!!

Lunch time! I did a few errands and fixed up a yummy lunch that was fun to eat and just what I was craving!

  • A POM Spritzer
  • Black Grapes & an Orange
  • Oroweat Whole Wheat & Flax Eng. Muff with All Natural Crunchy PB

And now I want to share with you an email that Penny from Penny's Low Fat Desserts sent me:

We are running a $5 off any cookies or TOPS box through 6/28 and also have a
sampler for $18 which includes shipping that is on our site all the


we have specials for those that receive our newsletters so even if they don't
purchase right away, they can sign up...


That's all I've got! I plan on making some of Gina's Ice Cream later on! Stay tuned...

P.S. My Mom and I are making the 40 minute drive downtown tommorrow for my eye doctor appt. and the doc will tell me whether or not she will do surgery on my eyes yet. However, afterwards, we will get to go to the WHOLE FOODS that is 10 minutes away! I have only been to WF twice because we always get so lost and frustrated, but we are going to find it this time (I am determined!). I have been to this WHOLE FOODS only once before and I am super excited! SUGGESTIONS?!



  1. What a creative dessert idea! It looks tasty and so cute. Your omelette looks so gourmet as well, very tasty. I can never get mine to fold over so nicely like that! More than once it has turned into a scramble, haha.

    Well, I tend to run in the mornings, for which I don't eat beforehand as my stomach can't handle it. If it's later in the day though, simple carbs are highly recommended. One of the best foods in my opinion is a banana. It's light, has simple sugars to zap you with energy, and it's been known to ease cramps.

    Have fun at Whole Foods! I am seriously like a kid in a candy store at that place. Scope it out and you'll find tons of amazing products!

    Much love,

  2. I love the dessert!!!

    Yay for Whole Foods! I could seriously live in that place and be in Heaven the entire time. I don't even know where to start on suggestions...everything is amazing! Ahh, grind your own nut butter is pretty tastey! Have fun! :)

  3. that desesrt is shear genius! you are so creative!! I LOVE the no pudge brownies - such a wonderful way to get your chocolate fix, no?!

    much love, beautiful!

  4. that vegetable and lentil sautee looks great! it's flowing out of the omelette! and i've never had a jamfrakas bar! it's made by larabar, so i'm sure it's delicious. how is it different from a regular lara or a jacolat bar?

    as for what i eat before working out, read these posts of mine! :)




    obviously you don't HAVE to read them, but they talk about my ALL-TIME favorite pre-work out snack, if you're interested.


  5. I always need carbs before working out- body's preferred source of energy. A slice of toast with peanut butter seems popular, but I generally eat oatmeal or a grain based breakfast and work out a couple of hours later. If I ate lighter, i could work out sooner, but carbs are definitely the way!

    Okay, WF... I don't know what you can get elsewhere, but they have a great bar selection, nut buttes you can grind yourself, individual serving cartons of almond milk, a ton of amazing ready prepared foods and Bare Naked granola :D Definitely plan to have lunch there! Hope the appointment goes well :)

  6. Great desert idea! Oh, and have fun at Whole Foods!

  7. Carbs are easier for your body to use when working out; protein takes longer to digest. It depends on the person, but I feel sick if I run too soon after I eat.

    I love running to the Black Eyed Peas!

    Yay WF! I really want to try those Banana Babies (choc covered bananas) I've seen on other blogs.

  8. That brownie ice cream cone is SUCH a good idea, and I just checked out Gina's blog...cause ummm ice cream totally sounds good to me right about now, it's hot as blazes out! Haha!

    Good luck at your eye appointment, and ohhh Whole Foods - you MUSTMUSTMUST eat at their hot/cold food bar! Their baked goods are very, very god as well. So fresh! Get some bars while you're there too...the bar wall is amazing. Oh gosh, I could go on and on. Stop by the bulk bins as well! Granola/dried fruit/nut/etc HEAVEN!


  9. i always have to be careful about eating before i work out. i can't work out hungry but i frequently feel sick if i work out too close after eating! a good substantial bar normally works well.

  10. Yeah for ice cream!! Good luck, I hope it comes out superb (I'm sure it will).

    When I was young I brought ice cream cone cupcakes to class for my birthday once. I just put the batter in the cone, with no cup, and let the cupcakes cook in the oven while inside the cone. They were a HUGE hit!

    Have fun at Whole Foods. I really prefer Trader Joe's, but I do like their beer selection (hehe, yes, I love beer). They also have great frozen veggies and fruit!

  11. best running song ever = "Ain't Nothing Wrong with That" by Robert Randolph and the Family Band. I challenge you not to get up dance when you hear it!

  12. Mmm, that omelet looked tasty...putting lentils in there is a very creative addition!

    Ok, so preworkout fuel: I would stick to carbs. I read somewhere that too much protein/fiber/fat can irritate your stomach while working out, whereas carbs are easy to digest and don't weigh you down. Hope that helps!

  13. Nice omelet! I need to work on my omelet skills - I always get paranoid that the eggs are burning underneath so I flip it too soon.

    WFs - I stock up on bars while I'm there, Rudi's products, and 365 cereals

  14. I usually run first thing on a morning, when I take Maxie out, but when I go to the gym after work I started eating a lara or clif bar beforehand. This seems to work for me.

  15. Wow! What a creative and delish and fun dessert!
    And a trip to WF is a daily thing for me...I just LOVE WF! I always get stuff from their bulk bins like oats, beans, grains, nuts, etc. Their muffins...well, ALL their baked goods are freaking awesome. My fav is their cornbread and their corn muffins and their scones and their bran muffins. AWESOME <3

  16. Enjoy Whole Foods! I've actually never been to one, but am literally DYING to go! Can't wait till they build the one that's coming like up the street from me :D
    Your omelet looks delicious!
    <3 jess

  17. Wow that brownie looks incredible. That's such a great idea to bake it in a cone. Before a run, I'll have pb on a banana, or a rice cake with pb. It's easy on my tummy, and good fuel!

    I love Whole Foods produce and fresh salsas (mango salsa, pineapple salsa), and also Now Foods brand stevia. It's the best :D

  18. i usually eat a cliff/luna bar right before my runs. They have a great ratio of carbs and protein to keep me going :D

  19. oh girl you are going to go crazyyyy at WF! The greatest place ever...just get ready to whip out the dolla bills! haha
    And mmm that omelet looks delicious...I love omelets, always so satisfying.
    Too bad I don't run otherwise I would give you advice. I am much more of a simple workout kind of girl. Walking only. haha I'm just a little dork, what can I say?!


What's on your "foodie" mind today?