Going, Going, Gone

That is about how I feel right now! haha But, I just have so much to share! So let's do a little recap.....

Check out my cereal stash (can you tell what my brother's FAVE cereal is?!)......The Multigrain Cherrios made an appearance this morning! Lunch was had at Jason's and it was Deli-icious! I got the Mediterranean Wrap with a side of steamed veggies. Oh and about 2.....errr.....3 Ice Cream Cones! hehe!
When I got home, I put these two babies to good use....Our whisk is so cute with the little Dough Boy on the handle! But, more on that later....
I was browsing blogs and Abbey hopped up on the couch to join me....
About 10 seconds later, she got bored (Going, Going, Gone?!). Oh well, not everyone can appreciate the joy that is Food Blogs! ;)
Then the little piggie wanted my Zbar.......hahahha NOT A CHANCE!
5/6 seltzer, 1/6 Diet Cherry 7UP......6/6 REFRESHING! I don't think I can handle a full fledge coke anymore. It is like they are too strong straight from the can. I like them extremely watered down. HOPEFULLY, I will switch to 6/6 seltzer SOON! Oh, and adding cherries (to ANY drink, including simple water) is such a great way to add some umph! You get a little surprise at the end of your glass!
Emily's Desserts made an appearance with Emily's Baked Chocolate Dipped Donuts! YUM YUM! These babies are small, but DENSE as can be and pack in so much flavor. The fudgy chocolate topping sends this sweet treat over the top!!
Nom, Nom, Nom
A new combo that I am lovin': Laughing Cow and Preserves atop a doughy Whole Wheat Eng. Muffin! HELLO! I will end this random post with my recently made dessert. We had a pie crust in our freezer from a long time ago that needed to be used up (becuase, let's face it, we need as much room as we can get in there! We think our freezer is unlimited...it's not!). I simply started with a layer of bananas and topped it with a mixture of Jello Pudding/Cool Whip. I don't really want to think about the healthiness of this but it sure is delicious! Everything in Moderation right?!
A Creamy Cross-Section
Alrighty! Sorry for the randomness! ...and this was NOT all of my eats today, but I'm calling it a night!
Tommorrow will be a full post of my eats! I am hoping to have a relaxing day with fresh eats and an early trip to the gym!
Have A Great Week Everyone!
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  1. wow that pudding pie looks amaazing!! and yes, of course.. EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.. as long as it's in moderation!

    haha i also love your cereal stash.. right now i've got one lone box of cereal in my house :(

  2. That pie looks awesome - sounds easy to make too!

  3. hahah I am loving that cereal stash...that's me but in bar land! haha I most definitely need to try that laughing cow/jam combo on an English muffin...looks incredible!

  4. I posted about that exact mediterranean wrap from Jason's! This was about a month ago, but our pictures are so alike, I thought it was my pic! Isn't that wrap delicious? Isn't that restaurant delicious?! Have a great day.

  5. I love Jason's Deli for lunch, and the Mediterranean wrap is one of my faves. I used to like the "turkey slimwich" but they took it off the menu :(

  6. That wrap looks fab! Yum :D The desserts looks delicious, too. Love that pie!

    Have a great day, girl!

  7. I spy Kashi Crunch! That's the best cereal in the world!!

    Aw pupper! That pie looks mighty fine!

  8. cute dog! And i love the cherries in the drink idea. very cute!

  9. The pie looks delicious! I made a similar one with butterscotch- HIGHLY recommend! Jason's Deli always sound so good but I don't think they have one in NY (never mind scotland, lol)

    enjoy your Monday!

  10. AWWWWWWWW I love the pup photos! My monsters do that too except they are bigger and put their heads on the entire keyboard haha :-)

    Love the cereal stash! Yum!

    Amazing looking eats across the board!

    Have a fab week!!

  11. Delish! I love all your food pic posts! And a dog in the picture doesn't hurt either! I am a fairly new reader, I don't think I've commented many times before but I am really enjoying you blog! And I love that you still enjoy a few treats now and again. We're only human!

  12. i love your cereal line up.. you are a girl after my own heart =)

    that donut looks amazing! I am thinking about ordering myself some byt there are no nutritional info on the website.. did they provide it on the packaging???

  13. That dessert looks amazing! So does that donut, and basically everything else, as usual!

    Haha I can definitely tell what your brother's fave cereal is. But, there is NO such thing as too much cereal ;) it's survival material!

    Your dog is so adorable!

    Have an amazing Monday!


  14. Love cheerios, love the wrap and love your desserts.

  15. heyo! now THAT is a cereal stash. jerry seinfeld would even be jealous!

    mmmm....that pie is making me hungryyyyyy

  16. lovin the cereal stash! .. great variety!


  17. Donut looks like a great treat! Love that Owell wanted the Z bar- too cute! He must know a good bar when he sees one ;) Hope you have a great week too!!


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