Green With(out) Envy

I woke up this morning and just wasn't feeling my best. I was going to go to the gym; but instead, I took it easy and had an apple and 1T PB on Whole Wheat Bread.
I love PB on Whole Wheat Bread....nothing else! It's fabulous! After showering and getting ready , I had the last of my carrots (don't worry, I bought more today!) with an overflowing tablespoon of Sonny & Joes Hummus! :D
Then, I ran some errands (found cherries for $1.88/lb.....HELLO!) and returned home.....
...Where I got busy in the kitchen!
I was planning on making the same "Ice Cream" treat from yesterday, but decided to try to boost it's nutritional value by throwing some spinach and silken tofu into the mix.
I just thawed one out of the containers and dug in (the one's on the right have chocolate syrup in them!); but after about 5 Bites, my stomach was turning over on itself. I don't think my digestive system can handle all of these new combos I am trying! I am going to try again later because I hate the thought of throwing all of that away! :/
And in keeping with the spirit of using up my Silken Tofu, I threw a small cube of it into a saucepan, along with some tomato soup. I was expecting it to get smooth and...well, silky. Not a chance. It was just chunky, no matter how much I whisked it! I ended up adding a calabaza squash, 3/4c chopped butternut squash and some frozen broccoli. Then, I put my blender to good use (again) and once it was all incorporated, I added some brown rice and frozen peas/carrots to give it some umph.
After about 5 bites (that seems to be the magic number), my stomach was not my best friend and I had to stop. Plus, the texture was a tad off.
I'm not sure that Silken Tofu and I are getting along very well! haha
After that, I felt......not so great. So, I had some Honey Rice Puffins (not my favorite variety by any means, but they are still GOOD!). I also had a Diet Sierra Mist simply to settle my upset stomach. I have actually been steering clear of diet sodas lately and drinking more water. It feels great!
By this time, my whole eating system was off and my stomach was still uneasy, so I had some tortilla chips (X2 of what you see!).
Eventually, I was feeling a bit better; which was good because I had to work from 3-9 today! At work, I drank 3 bottle water's worth of water and by the time I got home, my stomach was A-Okay! I was, however, hankering for something to eat! I opened the freezer door and decided to end this night with my LAST HOLEY DONUT (**tear**).
I do still have some of the Holey Donut Holes left to savor though!
At least I saved the best for last! :D.....
I think this deserves a moment of silence!

Well, let's put that behind us (although, I may be purchasing some soon because I am addicted!).....I also had a little cup of Honey Rice Puffins with Light Vanilla Silk. This little blue cup probably holds 1/2 cup of cereal, which is the perfect size for some nighttime cereal!!

I won another giveaway! Seriously?! I feel so honored! The handsome young man (ah-hum dog!), Jackson (over at Jackson's World) has decided to grace me with a Sound Sleep Pampering Package!......Perhaps, his friendly owner Leslie had something to do with it! ;)
Ahhhhh.. I can't wait!
I work tomorrow from 5-10, but I plan on working out tomorrow morning!
And trust me when I say that I KNOW MY EATS WERE OFF TODAY! Like, wayyyyyy off! My stomach was turning all around and nothing sounded appealing! Tomorrow will be much much better! Do you ever have these kinds of days?!


  1. i'm so sorry you aren't feeling well love..hopefully tomorrow is a better day! Thank goodness for the joy of winning another giveaway! excitinggg

  2. My tummy has been off for the past few days as well!

  3. Aw, sorry your tummy was off. I get like that sometimes, too. I hope it's better today! Sorry to hear about the last Holey Donut! It looked amazing. I'll prob. have to purchase some soon, too.

    Have a beautiful Saturday!

  4. sorry you're feeling crappy, but PB puffins will always help!!

  5. I haven't tried silken tofu yet - it makes me a little nervous! It's texture is wonky!! Sorry you had your last HD - I still have my stash in my freezer ;) I forget about them!

  6. ack...sorry about your stomach! hope today is better for you. I've had days like that lately and starting to wonder if it's to do with all the dairy I have been having- I'm not lactose intolerant as far as I know, but there seems to be a connection :(

    hope you are ordering some more donuts ;) cheaper than therapy but JUST as effective :P

    enjoy your weekend emily!

  7. Thanks so much for linking to my contest!

    Oh, and if the doughnuts were vegan, I would've been all over your contest hehe ;)

  8. That hummus looks SO creamy and delicious. Be good to your digestive track, though!

    Sad to see your last Holey Donut is gone. I had to leave mine all in Minnesota when I moved home... probably going to order them soon!

  9. I have definitely had quite a few food failures! But experimenting with your eats is the only way to find winning combinations! I hope your find your silken tofu match soon, haha. <3

  10. I definitely have these days! I feel like carbs do a good fixer-upper job on my tummy, preferably PB Puffins ;) but I hope you're feeling better!

    Oh, and donuts also help - I'm so sorry you only have a few donut holes out of the boxes left to savor! Ahhh that's depressing, I'd order some right away.

    Better luck next time with the tofu extravaganza! Haha!


  11. I most certainly have those days. Sorry about your tofu isses! I've never tried silken tofu I don't think. I HATE spending so much time making something, and then it not turning out. Annoying!
    Haha, anyways, everything looks really good esp. that HOLEY DONUT. And you are SO lucky winning all this stuff. :)
    <3 jess

  12. Man, my food changes so much form day to do, as well as my appetite. Some days I am hungry all day long, other days I find it hard to eat! It's wierd, but I think it's normal. Sorry about the silken tofu experiments, but it's necessary to experiment in order to eventually end up with great food! Have a good one :)

  13. CONGRATS on the win. Sorry you have a poorly tummy.

    BTW I'm a Fabulous foodie that would love to be on your list.

    Love Rose

  14. sorry your tummy isn't felling well, girlie but i'm sure that donut cheered you up a little =)! <3

  15. Sorry about your stomach. I have a weak stomach myself. =(
    And oooh, score on those cherries!!!!!

  16. Oh nooo, sorry your stomach has been so troublesome! I hope you're feeling better. I'm sure that sexy donut helped a little, at least. ;)

    You're such a lucky gal! Winning giveaways left and right!


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