Two Things I Recognize

I kicked off my relaxing day with some fresh fruit and PB YOGURT! Where has this concoction been the past few days?! Who knows! After getting ready and checking some things off of my to-do list, I was getting a bit hungry and chopped up some raw butternut squash and romaine for a salad. Carrots & Hummus sat atop the green bed and a warmed up piece of Cheesecake Factory Brown Bread rounded out the meal! I ate all of the carrots, hummus and bread (duh!); but left about 1/2 of the lettuce/squash combo....I just wasn't feeling it (although raw butternut is a great addition to salads)! So, of course, that did not really fill me up....
Therefore, I reached for what I truly desired......CEREAL! From my Cereal Stash, I combined Honey Nut Little Bites and Honey Rice Puffins and drenched them in Light Vanilla SILK.
X2 of course!
I then read blogs, wrote a food review for http://www.iateapie.net/, looked into online jobs (more on that later) and ate way too many Triscuit Thin Crisps! Those darn triangles are so addicting!
Eventually, I made my way to the gym and walked on the treadmill at an incline of 10 for 50 minutes while watching GILMORE GIRLS! :P
Upon arriving home and taking care of the pups, my tummy started grumbling! I opened the fridge to find a sweet potato and remembered this COMFORTING meal that is quick and AWESOME! After finding some Amy's Chili in the packed freezer, I was all set.
I zapped the Sweet Potato until tender, cut it in half, cut the halves in half and then cut them into cubes.
Topped with a slice of 2% Cheddar Cheese......
Finished off with steamy Amy's Chili mixed with a handful of fresh spinach on the stove top....
Which smothers the cheese and makes for a melty and most delicious meal!
As full as I was, I wanted a baby slice of my pie. This was teeeny (the front was so thin it couldn't even hold the crust!). I plan on having a larger slice later while my mom and I battle it out with a few intense games of Sequence.
Now I will entertain you with my family...hahhaha!
I was getting the pie out of the freezer and slicing a tiny sliver. Here is the conversation that took place:
Mom: That looks good! What's in it? Do you share? (haha!) Dad might like a slice.
Me: Of Course! It's Cool Whip
& Pudding! Lot's of hard work went into this baby! ;) Oh and a few banana
Dad (hurries over
to see what's up...we have about the same degree of sweet tooth...no, mine's
: So what's in it? (My family is always weary of my food choices
and cooking because I like to experiment!)
Me: Just Pudding & Cool
Dad: That sounds good. It's two
things I recognize.
I'll try it.
*****He liked it by the way and thought the
bananas added a little textural element (my words, not his!)....but who wouldn't
like it!?
I just love how wary people are of "health food" (What are you afraid of guys!?...of course, not YOU guys! lol). I am working on moving my family out of their comfot zone! It's fun!
What about your family?
P.s. I have two pups, not one....although they look mighty similar! They are my two baby girls! ;) The lovely Erica got confused (and rightfully so!) by my last post with her comment: "Love that Owell wanted the Z bar- too cute!"
I read the comment a few times and was confused until I looked back at my post. I meant Oh Well,....not Owell! So I can see how she got confused! Her name is Molly and the one who fell asleep on my computer is her sister, Abbey! lol! It gave me a good laugh!


  1. Yummy eats! haha I think it's funny how people are wary of health food, but think nothing of putting Mcdonalds crap into their mouths! My (immediate) family is pretty accepting of health food. My uncles/aunts/cousins.... not so much, haha! Oh well, guess I got lucky with my fam! I'm glad your dad liked the pie! It sounds delish :D

  2. bah yes those triangles are addicting, I powered through so many during exam studying in April!

  3. Mmm peanut butter yogurt sounds delicious! And your sweet potato meal looks amazing as well!

  4. Ahhh that sweet potato looks amazing! I love beans on taters.

    Haha I definitely have a sweet tooth similar to my Dad's, but I also believe mine is BIGGER haha! It HAS to be...I'm always craving sweets. Glad I'm not the only one.

    Have a lovely Monday and keep enjoying all that cereal (another addicting food that feeds our sweet teeth :P)

    Love ya girl!


  5. I've never tried bnut squash raw in a salad, now I am intrigued. I have a huge sweet tooth, NOTHING is too sweet for me!

  6. wowza!!! Chili smothered sweet potato? Yes please! :) My brother always gives me weird looks when he sees me cookin up healthy concoctions.. I feel ya on the family situation lol

  7. haha your family is funny and a lot like mine, although they've gotten less weary over the years.

  8. haha your mommy and daddy are too silly! They should just know that whatever you put in YOUR mouth MUST be good!
    And look how pretty your eats are! That breakfast plate is just screaming, "eat me"! Oh and I'm loving the sweet tater with chili...never had it but looks pretty darn good to me!
    p.s. cereal = amazingness in a box

  9. Ahaha, your dad sounds so cute! I'll bet he's confused by all of your healthy eats sometimes. ;)

    And yes, most definitely have cereal if that's what you want! A girl's gotta have her crunchy sweet fix sometimes (AKA all the time, haha!).

  10. Oh man, my family always comments on my food as well, I feel you on that one!!! I love the idea of cheddar cheese on sweet potato. That is something I would say "wierd" to, but then I would probably try it and LOVE it!!

  11. I had no idea you could eat butternut squash raw :O

    My family are pretty adventurous when it comes to food, though my dad shuns anything that they view as 'diet'...healthy stuff is good, but if it's low-fat/artificial, he's not interested. Though funny you mention this today because I was just out stocking up on some things at the grocery store (hummus, natural yogurt and vegetables) and somebody started asking me all kinds of questions about if I am a hippy, if I actually *like* this stuff...haha!

  12. buaha love the fam. story.. my parents are the same way.. so weary about everything i eat and theyre never willing to try anything! glad your daddy dug that dessert.. it looks awesome =)!

  13. Hey Thanks for adding me to your list.
    I love the sweet potato meal. My family eat a variety, my Mum tries to be healthy and my Dad likes his typical British food.

  14. Hey there! Just had to leave you a comment telling you how much I love your blog and that I love trying new concoctions too! I just started a blog so check it out when ya can!

    PS. don't feel bad about your cereal stash...I think I have about 10 boxes going hahah

  15. Wow your family seems so fun! your salad and pie look fabulous!

  16. I love your sweet potato dish! I've heard of SP/black beans but the addition of cheddar kicks it up a notch :)

  17. haha your dads skepticism is hilarious. the fresh fruit looks purrrrty all lined up ready for grubbing!


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