Emily's Chili Pom

I love making a title from various words used throughout the post.....have you noticed?

I have found the perfect thing to replace diet soda as my "mix-in" of choice for my seltzer water....


I popped open the bottle and took a sip.....YUM! I thought it would be bitter or overwhelmingly sweet, but it was perfect. However, I knew that my 8 bottles would FLY off of the shelf of my fridge if I didn't find a way to make them last. Well, the good thing is that POM has an intense flavor that can shine through, even when you use just a bit! I am just in love...which may be bad for my wallet when I run out of this stash!? POM is Wonderful! That must be why they decided to stick it straight into the name and copyright it that way! ;)
Breakfast started out with an omelet (which by the way, was the best omelet I have ever made...it didn't stick and it got a nice brown color! MMM). I used one egg and one egg white. The filling included 1/3c lentils, chopped broccoli, chopped carrot and chopped onion....which was sauteed prior to being stuffed. I topped it all off with a bit of salsa and had a delightful "POM soda" (2oz POM mixed with ~1/2c seltzer). The filling and eggs were seasoned with my new favorite seasoning....CHILI POWDER!! Yum! This has always been in my pantry, but I have never used it before now. My mom uses is on tacos, but I have started putting it on....EvErYtHiNg!! :D
After getting ready & before heading to work (11:30-5:00), I toasted up 2 Kashi Heart to Heart Waffles and topped them with 2T Crunchy Peanut Butter and a sliced peach!
The salty PB and sweet, juicy peaches atop the doughy waffles was just plain AWESOME! After a hard working day, I was ready to put on my PJ's and hit the couch; but I sucked it up, grabbed a JamFrakas, changed and hit the road. I spent about 30 minutes at the gym in the weight room and I was glad that I went!
When I got home, I turned on the oven and pulled out the Kashi Pizza that I had from a while back (in this post). Also, I was making myself some POM soda and realized that I already had it earlier this morning.....but it's just so refreshing!! :D
Along side, I decided to use up the rutabaga that has been sitting in my fridge for quite some time. I wasn't sure what to do with it, but I knew I wanted it to be fast. So I sliced it fairly thin, microwaved it with a bit of water for 2 minutes, piled it into aluminum foil and covered it with CHILI POWDER and dots of butter.
After about 12 minutes in a 350* oven (along with the pizza), dinner was served! Let's just say that I will be getting a rutabaga during my next shopping trip...DELISH!
Then for dessert, I broke out another Emily's Desserts treat. OH. MY. GOSH! I do not even like coconut very much, but I think this cookie may be my favorite. I wrapped it in a papertowel and zapped it for 25 seconds and it felt, tasted and looked like pure, gooey deliciousness. I might as well have taken it out of the oven because it could not have tasted any better. .....And I just took the last bite....**tear**
Cranberries + coconut shreds + brown sugar = perfect sweetness!I do not think it is physically possible to put the flavor and texture of this cookie into words.

Sorry for being MIA yesterday! I have not been able to catch up on blogs or blog myself these past few days; but tonight, I'm hunkered down with movies, my computer and POM soda...what more could you ask for?! Perhaps some popcorn?!


  1. woo woo for your pom spritzer - i knew you'd love it =)

  2. That is such a good idea to mix a little pom into seltzer water. Sounds delicious! I love rutabaga! Rutabaga fries are awesome--another excuse for me to eat Annie's ketchup, haha.

  3. That pom does look wonderful! (get it, haha, lame I know :D)
    The waffles with pb and peaches look INCREDIBLE!!
    Have an awesome night!
    <3 jess

  4. interesting. ive never had rutabaga. i dont even think id know what to do with it!

    STOP.with.these.COOKIES!!!! youre killing me!

  5. POM Wonderful IS delicious! I love it with seltzer.

  6. tbat cookie looks as good as you say! warm cookies straight out of the oven...or microwave...are the best!

  7. I have got to get my hands on some of those POM bottles! I've already got some ideas for it brewing. You're POM "soda" sounds delicious!

    Oh and the waffles, peanut butter, and peach? That pretty much looks like heaven.

    Hope you're doing well, and enjoy your night!

    Much love,

  8. everything you had going in that tummy today looked yum yum yum! So glad you had a nice day and that you are taking it easy and just hanging out tonight!

  9. Omelette + waffles + that cookie = day of delicious eats!! I would never have thought to put lentils in my eggs.

  10. glad you like the Pom- it's getting pretty mixed reviews! I used to be obsessed with chilli powder until I bought paprika once by mistake- have never looked back!

    That cookie looks amaaaaaaaazing! Made up for the lack of Holey Donuts?..

    hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  11. LOVE the lentil omelette -- one of my fav fillings is black beans! that cookie looks too good too! =)

  12. I think I may love the pom juice mixed with club soda.

  13. That omelet looks CRAZY good! And healthy, of course. So, you like the Pom "wonderful"? I'm just not a fan. I have to try to one without blueberries I guess. Those cookies look amazing. Like you, I get so sad when I have the last bite of a delicious treat :(

  14. Thanks so much for the info about rutabagas!! I will be picking one up soon and following your recipe!! It looks great!! :-)


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