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As I was pulling the lid off of my yogurt container today, I saw the FOOD, INC. advertisement and it reminded me of an email that I received a few weeks back from Kristina at Stonyfield Farm. I have been so busy that I never got around to sharing it all with you, so I thought I would do it now.

You'll never look at dinner the same way!

You'll be reading and seeing lots of stories in the coming
weeks about FOOD, Inc., a very powerful documentary about our food system. The
film opens June 12 nationwide, and includes Stonyfield Farm CE-Yo Gary
Hirshberg. It's produced by the same folks who brought us Al Gore's "An
Inconvenient Truth."

FOOD, Inc looks at how food is grown, processed and sold, and
the people behind the system – the company ‘suits,’ the struggling farmers, the
mega-processors, the exploited workers and the confused consumers -- some of
whom have paid the ultimate price for trusting a food system that’s lost its

Gary's main message in FOOD, Inc is that you have the power to
demand that our food system produces food that is safe to eat. You want to know
your choices are the right ones for your baby, your family and yourself.

Stonyfield is proud to be part of this film and prouder still
that the questions raised in FOOD, Inc. point to organic food as the answer to
the issues of food safety, corporate greed, and the oppression that puts many
family farmers and others out of business.

Check out http://www.stonyfield.com/Food_inc/food_inc_organic.cfm to watch the trailer, an interview with the director, and more -- and
we'll be offering a "Food Inc." lid promotion in June with $30 worth of FREE
downloadable coupons from Stonyfield and other partner companies

I have been hearing about FOOD, INC. elsewhere as well ever since it first debuted and I would really like to see it. Therefore, I did a little research and discovered that it will be coming to a theater that is about 40 minutes away from my house! I am so psyched and can't wait to tell you guys all about it! Have any of you seen it or plan on seeing it?! In my opinion, it is a foodie movie, so you should try to check it out!
Oh. Em. Gee. I just went to the stonyfield website (http://www.stonyfield.com/Food_inc/food_inc_organic.cfm) and clicked on that big green rectangle in the middle of the screen...there are so many coupons for great companies (not only Stonyfield, but also Amy's, etc) that your head will spin!

That just made this frugal gal's day!

Stonyfield Farm Fat Free Yogurt with cherries! :D Delicious! Then, I broke out some new english muffins: OroWheat Whole Grain & Flax. They were pretty good, but I missed the delightful nooks & crannies of the Thomas' Hearty Grains Eng. Muffs!

I topped a toasted eng. muff with Crunchy PB & a sprinkle of Chia Seeds (why not?!).
Then my brother brought me home some contraband...A Smoothie King Mocha Coffee Smoothie. I won't tell KEVA if you won't! Of course, it couldn't even hold a candle to my beloved Kevaccino, but I still enjoyed it throughout the morning. I kept it in the freezer for a while and am just now breaking into the second half. Let's turn our attention to these POM Spritzers that I have been enjoying...here, here, here...

POM Wonderful tastes wonderful [As I said before, that must be why they stuck it straight into the name and copyrighted it that way! ;)]. Along with my case of the delightful Pomegranate Juice, I received a few pages of facts about POM Wonderful. Instead of boring you with a long paragraph of stats, I thought I would share with you a couple of highlights that I found most interesting...

  • All of their pomegranate orchards are located in California's sunny San Joaquin Valley... they never import their juice.
  • There are dozens of pomegranate varieties and they are not all created equal. The Wonderful Pomegranate is the variety with proven health benefits.
  • POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice is the only juice whose health benefits are backed by $25 Million in medical research.
  • The health benefits are quite remarkable, providing a high degree of anitoxidants and potential for improved blood flow (Read all about the vast array of health benefits and studies here).
Now, I am not one to tout a food or beverage as something that can turn your world upside down and make you healthy in a flash; but it doesn't hurt for a product to have some potentially stellar qualities other than a great taste!
Do you like POM Wonderful? Have you given it a try? I know it can be quite expensive, so it is a treat; but it's a treat worth having every once in a while in my opinion. How do you like to enjoy it? Have you tried cooking with it? Or do you simply make refreshing POM Spritzers like me?!

It's time to get some chores done, write a scholarship, do a post on collegetips.com, etc, etc...

HAVE A FANTASTIC TUESDAY! And I shall "see" you later!


  1. yes yes omGEEE thank you so much for that link to the coupons! They will most definitely come in handy!! I have heard about Food Inc, and if you can't wait to see the film, I hear the book is even better!! It's ranked really high up on the Amazon book list, and gives lots of shorter articles from leading food experts. Definitely looks like something I will check out!!!

    Do you have any recipes for POM? I have a couple of the juices...and honestly, they don't taste so good by itself! :(

  2. Yeah for the Stoneyfield coupons - I will have to look for them for sure!

    Great reviews too - it makes me want some POM now :) LOL

  3. I can't wait for that movie to come out - I just watched the traler! Ahhh so neat! It's probably gonna be pretty disturbing though, and I can betcha I won't be eating quite a few things after watching it, haha!

    I love POM! I love drinking it diluted with a little bit of water, or by itself. I wanna try a spritzer, definitely. I also heard you can use it as an addition to your shampoo! How neat!

    Love all the reviews you do, and I wanna read your other blog - so I'm gonna go check that out now.


  4. I'm very interested in checking out Food Inc! It sounds great. I have coupons that I keep forget to bring to WF to check out the Pom juice!

  5. That Food Inc sounds interesting! I'd love to see it. I want to try POM so badly! It sounds delicious!
    <3 jess

  6. I want to see Food, Inc. too! And I didn't know Smoothie King had a mocha smoothie?! Is it better than Starbucks?

  7. Woohoo for coupons - I'm a big fan!! I've never heard of those English muffins before. I may have to try them sometime!

  8. holy coupons! thanks so much for the info girl! I am printing these babies out stat!

  9. That movie sounds interesting! And I love your yogurt + cherries combo. Yum! Thanks for the coupon links! Those are great.

  10. Things I love:

    Stonyfield Farm
    Pom spritzers



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