Pizza Pizza Pizza

I had pizza for dinner, pizza for breakfast and will soon be having (leftover) pizza for lunch! I love pizza! We’ll get to the gooey, cheesy pie in a moment; but for now, I want to introduce you to a twist on summer’s sweet offerings:

Peach Pizza
  • 1 FlatOut
  • 1 Peach, finely chopped
  • Creamy Pizza Sauce
    2T Plain Yogurt
    1T Peanut Butter
    1t vanilla
    1t brown sugar
    Mix WELL!
Spread the sauce on the Flatout, top with chopped peaches. Throw said pizza onto a piece of foil or a cookie sheet and bake at 350* for about 12 minutes or as long as it takes you to make your lunch, pour your coffee and feed the dog. ;)

It evolved into a deeee-lightful calzone!

Dinner last night included Tandoor Chef Naan Pizza. I reviewed the Cilantro Pesto Naan Pizza not too long ago and was not lovin' the overwhelming cilantro action. All cilantro and no pizza, in my taste buds' opinion. Well, I decided to give them another shot by picking up thier Margherita version this weekend at the grocery store.

The ingredients are straight-forward. That's what I like to see! :)
Nutrition Facts are respectable. So what about the taste...
Well, when I see these two words together, I expect it to live up to the Nutritious and Delicious name. ;)
Did it ever!! There was a thick layer of gooey cheese atop a subtly sweet marinara sauce, sprinkled liberally with juicy chopped tomatoes and dusted with a delightfully pungent covering of parmesan cheese. All of this is layered upon a thick, chewy naan crust with a perfectly crispy exterior.
Tandoor Chef has redeemed themselves in a most delicious way.
What is your favorite frozen pizza?
What's the craziest topping that you have ever had?
Have a good Tuesday folks!
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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and LOVE everything I've read so far!!! I was very similar with cooking in my dorm, but you have really stepped it up a notch. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I love Amy's pizza - and anything BBQ on pizza, or pineapple! Yum!

  3. p.s. making that pizza soon - it looks AMAZING!

  4. haha, good work on all the pizza!!

    i dont think i've ever had frozen pizza. my roomie in college used to make it though. it SMELLED good :) my bf swears by the frozen CPK Sicilian pizza. speaking of CPK, i used to LOVE LOVE the "BLT" pizza there. yum.

  5. any girl that makes peanut butter pizza is a-okay in my book :) LOVE YOU!

  6. I usually make my own pizza but when I do buy some, I tend to get Digiornos BUT I am dying to try Amy's Pizza =)

  7. oh, pizza - such a magical food, with SO much potential :) your peach pie looks FAB!

  8. I love ALL CPK frozen pizzas, but my absolute favorite is the Pesto Chicken. I'm no longer eating gluten though, so I'm going to have to find or make an alternative version!

    My family hosted an exchange student from Paraguay when I was in high school, and he always topped his pizza with mayonnaise! I didn't try it, but I think that's about as crazy as it gets!

  9. mmm your peach summer pizza looks so yummy and fun!

  10. MMM, too bad I ate the last peach yesterday :(


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