Fruit- Savory or Sweet?

Summertime is among us; which means loads of fresh fruit taking over farmer's markets, with supermarkets beginning to feel like farmer's markets as the offering of vibrant fruit escalates. Now, the only question is...what to do with all of this fresh fruit? Sure, I could eat it straight up by the truckload, but let's be creative here.

You can take the savory route and combine these sweet God-given treats with other select ingredients to turn an average dish into a colorful delight.

Strawberries in Salads
Grapes in Chicken Salad
Apples on Turkey Sandwiches

These are your typical examples, but I want to explore the world of using fruit in typically savory dishes more. Whatcha got?
Of course, playing off of fruit's natural sweetness is always a fun way to satisfy your sweet tooth...

Playing Dress-Up with my oats typically includes a variety of fruit!

Truly, there is an infinite variety of ways to utilize fruit in sweet dishes/desserts. Another delightful treat was enjoyed when I smashed a ripe banana and froze it in a cup (an avenue to achieve "Banana's...like never before"). Of course, I topped it with a big spoonful of peanut butter for a creamy, smooth and nutty addition!
What are your favorite ways to incorporate the vast array of fresh summertime fruits? Savory, Sweet or both? I am more of a sweet girl, but I am coming to appreciate adding mother nature's sweet gems to savory dishes.
Did You play dress-up as a kid? What did you dress up as? I had a box of random dresses and shoes that were far too big and I just dressed up as...nothing really. Does anyone even remember the point of dressing up? Like what did you do once you were all outfitted in your mis-matched clothes? Walk around? Go say hi to your mom? lol It's a distant memory!


  1. your little banana ice cream "cake" is just fabulous. I love the way your mind works :)

    I adore the combination of blueberry and cheese (brie, especially!) nommmmmm.

  2. I like the idea of freezing a banana that way - kind of opposite of making banana soft serve, and my Magic Bullet has issues with that! I like fruit in salads and some with nut butters, but also to add to sweet dishes and desserts.

  3. I am obsessed with frozen bananas. They are amazing. I love fruit and if I could would kind of just ignore the other food groups, and I like it sweet and savory. I have currently been inhaling a batch of pear-celery bisque, which I guess is a little bit of both.

  4. I heart frozen bananas! they are so refreshing =)

  5. I love using fruit in savory dishes...dried fruits are the best in that! Or grilled fresh peaches...mmm...

  6. ohh i love using fruit in unique ways! i just made a blueberry balsamic salad dressing on my blog that was AWESOME!

  7. All the fruits in this post look so fresh and amazing! YUM!
    <3 jess

  8. ooo girl i LOVE frozen nanners!! but they are awesome on salads (well not nanners- but other fruit!)


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