Dusk to Dawn

Well, it would have been dusk to dawn. I got the bright idea to photograph all of my eats one day...but my camera was playing hide and seek half the day and I was too tired to play...so it's an *almost* day in the life:

And it all starts out with COFFEE and breakfast. I almost never eat the same thing (snooooze!). Yesterday morning featured Multi-grain Cheerios, Walnuts and Blackberries drenched in 1% milk.

My favorite part of lunch involved the very end of my plain yogurt container, a heaping tablespoon of melted peanut butter, a pinch of cinnamon and a dash of brown suggga!
Topped with Kashi cereal of one form or another and chocolate chips for the perfect touch!
Summer fruit helps to make this hot hot hot weather much more bearable!
After work, I dug through the kicthen cabinets (you don't do that?) and found this mandolin (sp?) slicer. A NEW TOY! My up and coming sweet potato fries seemed like the perrfect culprit.
While those were sizzlin' on a baking sheet at 350*, I toasted up an english muffin...
and topped said muff with cheese...the making of a truly tasty breakfast sandwich (for dinner).
I prepped the egg puff in the microwave (lazy!) by whipping up an egg, seasoning with S&P and beaming it with micro-waves for a whole minute. Sounds like a scientific experiement, no?
Whatever. Sometimes the microwave is your best friend after a long work day. Agreed?
I had my faux-paux "cake doughnuts" for dessert...every day this week. :)

Perhaps in the future, you shall get a real "day-in-the-life".
Do you eat dessert every day? HECK YA! Why not?
Favorite Kitchen Tool? I think the food processor is at the top of that list. It makes this masterpiece possible.


  1. honestly i dont..unless greek yogurt i considered dessert. haha.

    mmmm sweet potato chips...

  2. YES!! I ALWAYS eat dessert. ALWAYS. My day is not done until I've indulged in something sweet. In fact, I eat more than one dessert...There are too many yummy things not too, no? :-p

    Those faux cake doughnuts sound delish!

  3. ah santa came early! what a fun thing to use. I eat salty carbs as dessert :) feel free to send some of those sweet potatoes over here

  4. mm I dont have dessert everyday! acutally rarely...before bed I like to have a substantial snack ike cottage cheese and PB unless you can call that dessert LOL

  5. As many things can be dessert, yes I eat dessert every day. I always like at least one sweet thing. Even yogurt can be a dessert.

  6. oh heck yeah i have dessert everyday!!! for sure!

    i think my favorite tool is the strawberry huller i just got! it's sooo cool

  7. I eat dessert every day without fail. It's what I look forward to :)

  8. Shoot, I have dessert every meal hahaha.

  9. YES !! dessert is NEEDED eeeerday!!!
    love that sweet tater thing!

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What's on your "foodie" mind today?