Ice Cream & Crackers...One thing in common

I opted to go to two grocery stores yesterday. I started at Target and ended at a local store that enabled me to indulge in one of the many joys of summer:

Fresh fruit!What is a Champagne Mango? They were 3/$1 so I was all for it! Vibrance has never looked so tasty!
At Target, all boxes of Annie's treats were on sale for $1.99. I had no choice, but to get the tried and true Honey Bunnies and a new-to-me snack: Annie's Cheddar Snack Mix. It is made with Organic Valley Cheese and the cheesy crackers have this all natural, robust punch that I LOVE! The pretzels are also special in their own respect, possessing a firm snap and perfectly salted surface. The cute bunny shapes seal the deal. ;) Annie's...How do you do it?
These Ritz Crackerfuls were free courtesy of Kraft First Taste. They are pretty tasty, but I probably wouldn't buy them all the time...Hydrogenated oils = big turn off!
I came home to find some mail from Julie's Organic. Too bad these babies came a little too late. They will have to wait until next weekend.
Me leaving the store without ice cream would be like a dog staring at a treat and not chowing down. Sure, it happens from time to time, but only if the dog isn't feeling well. I was feeling just fine and Blue Bell Quarts were on sale for $2.50, so I opted to try out their Low Fat Cherry Granola Crunch Frozen Yogurt.
Hmm...It was good. Very cherry-y. The baby pink, cherry flavored frozen yogurt was accentuated further by the abundance of plump, icy cherries. There were pecans within the mix, which added a nuttiness that I enjoyed; granted, if the pieces would have been bigger, my enjoyment would have been more complete. The final component of the creamy treat is granola, which is actually little oat bits that get stuck in your teeth. My advice is to either make the granola pieces bigger or take them out and replace them with a swirl of chocolate fudge. MMM!
Either way, let's get rid of the partially hydrogenated oils in the "granola", kay?
Why are partially hydrogenated oils still flourishing? What is one of your favorite products that you try to keep out of the house due to this pesky ingredient?
What is your favorite summer fruit?


  1. I try to never eat HFCS, but it's everywhere. I hate all the hydrogenated oils everywhere. It's RIDIC.

    I'm obsessed with mango :D
    <3 jess

  2. Despite the hydrogenated oil, that froyo combo sounds wonderful! My favourite summer fruit is berries of any kind.

  3. I hear you on the hydrogenated oils. I don't buy things with it but if it's in something, I dont shun it right away. I hate HFCS though. Gross.

    Fav summer fruit is definitely mangoes!

  4. holy moly that's a cheap champagne mango. they were $1 EACH at wf when i saw them today. i didn't think i needed that! that froyo sounds ridiculously good. i hate hydrogenated oils! silly manufacturers.

  5. Can't believe you found mangoes for such a reasonable price! Partially hydrogenated oils is still in foods because manufacturers haven't found a good enough substitute for it and still keep the food products tasting the same. The reality is when the flavor profile of a product changes because different ingredients are used, consumers panic and stop buying the products. It's kind of a catch-22 (not that I'm advocating the use of partially hydrog. stuff - just explaining why).

  6. frozen yogurt/ice cream products in general are pretty impossible to find without HFCS or hydrogenated ick. it drives me nuts :(


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