Lavish Thins & Spins

Is it just me or do homemade tortilla pizzas have this extra something special? It's hard to describe. The thin, crispy crust still retains its tortilla essence after a 20 minute spin in a 375* oven and serves as the perfect base upon which to pile sauce, veggies and loads of gooey cheese. This FlatOut creation could never replace the real deal, but it has its own place in Pizza Land.
In other news, I hit the foodie jackpot at Target the other day. Two new products jumped into my cart and I jumped to the register...psyched to give 'em a try.
First, I stumbled across a new variety of Stacy's Pita Chips- Garden Veggie Medley. They have the same crunchy, firm texture of Stacy's that I hold as the standard for all other pita chips, but with a delightfully thorough veggie/herb flavor permeating throughout. You cannot exactly distinguish between one veggie/herb and another...it's more of a tasty medley (go figure!).
This bag had a super reflective coating that was anything, but conducive to taking good pictures.
I won't hold that against you, Stacy's.
Break...I didn't find this at Target; but it managed to sneak into this post, so let's take a quick peek, eh? It's well worth your time.

Lavish Dark Chocolate Old Fashined Instant Oatmeal by BetterOats.
Better Oats has SOOOO many oat varieties on the market...it's mindboggling! The nutritionals are always top notch and the flavor profiles are always intriguing. Furthermore, the oats are like a super oat. They are a bit larger than what you would find in your average pack of instant oats and, therefore, retain this irresitible chew that you can't help but LOVE!
The dark chocolate variety in particular is very unique. It embodies the idea of dark chocolate perfectly, but is not too sweet. The chewy oats are still allowed to shine right alongside the vibrant dark chocolate flavor. YUM!
Paired with strawberries and the combo is...
so hott, it's steamin'!
So, back to my Target trip...
I also found these new Nature Valley Granola Thins in Dark Chocoalte and Peanut Butter. I opted for the dark chocolate variety (potayto, potato) and I was pysched to try it out.
Ingredients: Not too bad, eh?
For those who care:
They had me compeltely psyched! I mean, look at that picture.
Well, much to my dismay, they were no bigger than a chip clip (Yea, we decorate our chip clips. We're cool.). The base of the bar is a slightly thinner version of the crunchy two bar packs that we are all used to seeing under the Nature Valley brand. That crispy, crunchy, dense and somewhat delicate granola base has a layer of chocolate on the bottom and comes in a little white sleeve... in an attempt to minimize the potential melty mess.
This combo simply WORKS and puts a smile on my face. But, in the end, it's just too small. If you have somewhat of a reign on your sweettooth, then it might be just perfect for you. For me, it just wakes my sweet tooth up. Then it's like a little kid on their birthday...more presents, more presents, more presents!!Last, but not least, I have a non-foodie review for you. I am certain that a large majority of you have seen the commercials for the Goody Spin Pin. Well, the advertisers did their job and I shelled out $6 bucks, as a result.
It looked easy enough...
... and it was easy enough. They twist in and out so easily and they hold the hair quite well. I did have a bit of trouble with my layers popping out here and there; but I got them under control after playing around with it for a bit! Cool idea!

Random Posts. Gotta love 'em!


  1. all this stuff is new to me!! i had heard about the pita chip flavor but haven't had them. i realllllly want that oatmeal! i'm looking it up right now

  2. Ahhh! I gotta find that chocolate oatmeal ASAP! I've been wondering about that hair pin. Thanks for the review!

    <3 Tori

  3. Hahha I'm definitely most intrigued by that Goody pin. It's like a corscrew for hair! :)

  4. DARK CHOCOLATE OATMEAL!! UMM YES PLEASE!! girl i need to find me some of that!

  5. I loooove Target. And Stacy's pita chips! Their cinnamon + sugar ones are to die for :) And by the looks of it, so are those chocolate oats!!

  6. A lot of new products to look out for! Stacy's Chips are like crack! Esp the cinnamon ones! lol

  7. Okay seriously -- where the heck do you do your grocery shopping? You always have the 411 on new snacks.

    cute hurrrrr, girl!


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