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Hey hey! I am currently watching a lifetime movie and chowing down on a delightful Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie courtesy of Penny's Low Fat Desserts. While I was checking my email, a task that would make me millions if I got paid by hits per day, I saw a message from Penny herself and I am here to pass the message on to YOU!

Penny noticed that many of you were intrigued by her fluffy, low fat, all natural desserts and thought that she would help you transition from the "Man those look good and I only wish that I could get in on that action" to the "Man, these taste even better than they looked and I better hide them from my family" scenario. How?

Until June 30, 2010, you can use the following code to receive 15% off any purchase of $25+.

I know it looks like random letters and numbers, but it is actually the key to low fat goodness! :)
Yup, you guessed it. This is a special just for N 'n D readers, so share it with your friends. Or perhaps you should just buy them a box and help them to have one heck of a birthday or father's day or...make up a holiday.
Any excuse to enjoy these treats!
Penny wants to share her Two Cents with you on her new blog and she wants you to contribute your two cents too! Check it out here.
Last, but not least, sign up for the Penny's Newsletter if you haven't yet because you never know what awesomeness may pop into your inbox!
Tomorrow is Friday! :D I may be sharing with you some amazing, creamy treats...or some homemade fish sticks...or...who knows!

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