Alot'a Appearing Dots

I was recently sent some Naturally Nora Alot'a Dots Cake Mix and Frosting Mix to review. Thank you Nora...cake is like a smile in a box. Sure, you could mess it up (and I somewhat did...); but in the end, it's sugar and it's good.
Ingreeeds and Nutrish for those who are intrigued...
Not diet food, but a natural treat to enjoy during your next Hooopla!
Elderberry Juice, Spinach Extract, Paprika...in my CAKE!?
The frosting...
Intensive, double layer cake or cute little cupcakes that I can share with my friends? Yea, not a hard decision there.
I can handle that: milk, oil, eggs.
I whipped it up by hand and had one less dish (one less complicated dish, at that) to wash. :)
Okay, here is the part that baffled both my roommate and I to no end: When I took the cake mix out of the box, it was straight up white powder. No dots, no color, no particles larger than others...I thought I had gotten jipped out of the fun that is colored dots in your cake. However, after stirring together the ingredients, I began to notice large colorful pieces all throughout the batter. What in the world?!?! These are not little specs either. It's magic.
As the cupcakes were cooking, I turned to the box of frosting.
1 Stick of BUTTER! I'm sorry, but this was not for a special occasion and I just couldn't see throwing a whole stick of butter into this mix. I opted to use half the box of frosting and 2T of butter. This is where the mess-up comes in...I got a little heavy handed with the milk. I was going for a splash and got a river. Therefore, I ended up adding the whole entire sugar-y frosting pouch...the result was more of a glaze. Also, the colored bits never "magically" appeared like they did in the cake mix. Are they fat activated?! haha
MMMM! Funfetti cake has something special to it. I can't really describe it.
As the glaze hardened, the treats began to taste like cake doughnuts! YUMMM! Some of the greatest foods are discovered by mistake. Take the potato chip for example...
ALMOST too cute to eat. almost.
Overall, I was impressed with the sweet, sinful taste and soft, dense texture of Nora's Cake Mixes. The frosting...well, that is left to our imaginations. Want to learn more? Become a Facebook and Twitter fan of Naturally Nora!
Favorite cake? This is an extremely hard question. Sorry to put your brain through such a strenuous activity.
Last time that you enjoyed cake? Five minutes ago. :)


  1. mmmmm! I haven't had cake..... since my boyfriend's birthday in May?? I think that was the last time! I looove funfetti cakes

  2. mmmm love cake! FUNFETTI ROCKS! and carrot!!!!

  3. oh, funfetti is probably my favorite!!! would i get as lucky as you and it show up on my doorstep!! YUM!!

  4. wow that cake mix has some of the best ingredients around - i love how you made them into cupcakes :) so cute & delicoius!


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