Color is the Spice of Life...Ho Ho Ho

I have an odd menagerie of photos to share with you on this lovely friday. HELLO WEEKEND! :) I don't really have anything planned, but it's always nice to have a little break from the daily work week. Speaking of work, I got some nice filets of fish from work (working with food is right up my alley!) and decided to try splitting and breading them. I broke them along their natural lines into little sticks and dipped them in a bit of melted butter before letting them take a swim in the sea of ground flax seed and bread crumbs!
Sweet Potato Fries and a dallop of honey mustard seemed to be the perfect addition.
On to the fruity portion of this post. The fruit of the week seemed to be peaches. Who knows why, but it felt like everytime I turned around, I was reaching for this juicy, sweet fruit.
I plated one of my peaches with a champagne mango, which seemed like an odd pairing.
However, you could stick pickles and avocado on a plate, cover it in peanut butter and we would be in business. Okay, so that might not be very tasty, but any fruit would jive for sure!!
Some other peaches jumped into my oats prior to entering the sauna (aka microwave) and came out steamy and hot, hot. They then proceeded to jump in my mouth...carrying the fluffy, sweet oats with them. :)
Yogi Bear! That is what just came to mind when I was about to type yogurt. Some things have no explanation. What I also have no explanation for is the fact that this innocent bowl of plain yogurt (sweetened with a bit of truvia and a splash of vanilla) was abruptly transformed into a sinful treat.
Because the UPS man might as well just wear a Santa Clause suit and say "ho ho ho", as he hands me a package and I rush to the living room to rip open the box. All that I need is a Christmas tree in the living room to complete the picture.
Mom knows best.
I had taken about one bite of my sub-par yogurt prior to santa knockin' on my door and when I saw the M&M's in the box...well, there was no turning back.
Ahh...color is the spice of life.
What spice are you?

Lastly, I became a proud member of the Blizzard Fan Club the other day (I have been a silent member since the age of... two). In thanks for finally professing my dedication to the club, they sent me a buy one 16oz blizzard, get one free coupon (apparently you get 6 per year!) . I used it that night.
Blizzard of the Month: Strawberry Golden Oreo Blizzard
My regret of not getting something chocolate was GONE with the first bite. This is PHENOMENAL!!
And here is a sneak peek of some baking action that is to come! :)

What are your favorite fruit pairings?
Are you doing any baking this weekend? What's on the menu?

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