The Most Important Meal

As the old saying goes, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!". I think that all meals are pretty important, but there is no arguing with something ingrained in stone. There are so many roads that you could take to get to breakfast-land.

You've got the breakfast-on-the-go route, which typically involves a hefty granola bar for muah. These 18 Rabbits bars are tasty tasty. I reviewed them many moons ago: here and here.
Yogurt, fruit and whatever else you may have on hand always works when you are pressed for time. I like to use all natural plain yogurt and add my own sweetness in the form of a touch of brown sugar or a packet of truvia. I've got to have it SWEET. Although, I stumbled upon a great tip the other day. I grated an apple straight into the bowl, so as to retain all of the juice and sweeet goodness. Therefore, when I added my yogurt, there was enough juice to sweeten my boring plain yogurt to a delightful level. :)
Try it out!
Eggs are cheap, nutritious, delicious and versatile. I lurrrve them!
Mix 'em up with avocado for a real treat!
And sautee some tomatoes to join the party!
Or simply scramble 'em up and serve some vibrant berries alongside.


My roommate and I made bagels this weekend and it was not nearly as intense as I thought it would be.
Carbs are always a winner in the morning. Get your day off to a grrrreat start!
The recipe is top secret because it came from a cookbook (don't ya hate that!), but here are two recipes that look similar...One and Two. p.s. This should be illegal. :)
Favorite Breakfast item?


  1. Those bagels look fantastic!! I didn't know you could do that--I MUST make some!
    <3 jess

  2. good work on making bagels. i never though they were possible to make myself but then again that's what i used to think about making/cooking anything in general. haha.

    my fav bfast item is an english muffin, 2 egg whites and a slice of fat free or low fat cheese. hello a "better version of mcdonalds egg mcmuffin" :)

  3. Just fyi I totally mailed that bar to you from the 18 Rabbits headquarters in San Fran! Haha :)

  4. Eggs and tomatoes really are the best combo ever.
    My current favorite breakfast (I blogged an ode to it the other day, with my methodology!) is overnight oats. You can do the grated apple thing in that, and I agree, it's delish!

  5. pancakes!!! sooooo good. the ones i just posted were so freaking amazing, i cant' stop thinking about them!

  6. homemade bagels?!?!?! post that recipe!! i am so intimitated to make my own bagels!!

    my favorite breakfast is oatmeal!

  7. usually I am all for oatmeal but I have been LOVING pancakes as of late.

    woo woo breakfast!


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