Sharp Snacks & a Snout

Can I just say that I am loving my new camera?! I am still playing around with it and trying to figure things out, but a bowl of LIFE cereal has never looked so tasty...although, the taste is unfailing ;)

Looking Sharp!

Anyways, I have two products worth a little review-action, so let's get rollin'...

Sonoma Creamy Jack Gourmet Snack- Smoked Gouda

I felt like a kid again...Grown up Handi Snacks! Source
Except the refined, stale, white breadsticks have been replaced by crispy, crunchy pretzel-like breadsticks dotted with an abundance of sesame seeds and the fake cheeze has evolved into a creamy dip prepared with the perfect culprit: all natural smoked gouda. I love the thoroughly smokey background that radiates in each bite. Oddly enough, the texture reminds me of cheese whiz, which I think I have only had about once in my life. :/ I liked it, especially when married with the crispy, sesame coated sticks!

The nutrition profile confuses me beyond all means. First of all, the package contains 6 breadsticks, but the nutrition says that there are "4 pieces in the container". Do the simple math and that would be 160 calories for the whole shabang.

Also on the package (not two inches from the nutrition profile) is a contradicting statement saying "195 total calories". Is anyone not mindboggled?

I hopped into some snowflake PJ's (will that subconsciously make this heat any more bearable!?), took my completely confused thoughts and tried to gather them into a review of some form or fashion.

I was quickly interrupted by a little snout on my keyboard.

Back to Nature Granola Cookies- Honey Nut I had no clue what to expect. Granola Cookies? Honey Nut?

Turns out, honey is listed after a whole slew of other ingredients and the only nut that I encountered was a plethora of peanuts. Not sure if the name fits the bill, but they sure are tasty!
The supremely soft cookies are somewhat small for the nutrition information that you see below; but they are also extremely dense, so perhaps that had something to do with it.
I can't decide if I would buy them again. They were really tasty (especially after a spin in the microwave), but they weren't anything EXTRA special!

Now, if you'll excuse me, Chopped is only a few channels away and I am totally ready to get some random food inspiration!


  1. so funny- I just got those Sonoma snacks at Target--the same one, gouda....and my box says that there are ABOUT 2 servings of the cheese dip and ABOUT 1 serving of the breadsticks.....so that would make about 200 total calories. Maybe your box was a misprint?! SO FUNNY that I have the exact same thing but it says a different number of servings...hmmm. I get the "about" number because that means there could be slightly under or slightly over the serving size given, but I think that 1 serving of the dip is a misprint:) Hope this helps explain it:)

  2. I have always wanted to try those cookies!


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