Foodie Kicks

Is anyone else just ravenous when you get home from work? Early dinners and later desserts have become a regular since I began my internship! Anyhoo...

I have been on quite the foodie "kicks" lately. First, it was pizza. But, honestly, I could probably eat pizza every day.

This particular oven baked delight was more of a sandwich pizza. Nix the marinara for silky smooth honey mustard, layer on the turkey and sprinkle with the much needed cheese. The crust? A Multi-grain FlatOut! Now pop it into the oven until it's done. Don't you loveee my cooking exact-ness? That's about 12 minutes for you detail-oriented kitchenettes!
My second kick? Eggs!
The lazy man's egg:
The good stuff:
I love love love making omelets. They are filling, nutritious AND delicious. What's not to love?
Season and beat your eggs, chop your veggies and heat up that pan!
I was going to sautee my veggies before composing the omelet, but I forgot until it was too late. Ahh well, more nutrients for me! ;)
MMM! Perfection. The key? Use enough egg to cover the bottom of the pan in a reasonable thickness and wait until the egg is fully cooked to fold and slide. If you like your eggs really done, feel free to flip the egg disk and top the already browned side. I find myself doing that sometimes!
MMM! No cheese in my omelets, please. Thanks.
My final kick? Magical Ice Cream. And that kick is still kickin'...and kickin' strong!
What "kicks" have you been on lately?
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  1. i'm a fan of sandwich pizzas myself. right now it's a flavored chobani + nut buttered-toasted for breakfast kick. oh and melon. but i could eat that everyday too...

  2. Those eats look amazing! Especially those veggies!
    <3 jess

  3. I've been a MAJOR coconut flour pancake kick! As in, I think I've eaten them for breakfast every day (except two or three) the past month! I am not getting tired of them! They are SO yummy!

    I love omelets too! Such an easy breakfast, lunch or dinner!

  4. oh god i'm always slamming food in my mouth when i get home from work! like a crazy woman. my food kicks lately are cantaloupe and it's ALWAYS chickfila.

  5. I know what you mean! sometimes I get home and it is only 5ish and I think "damn it's too early for din din" lol


What's on your "foodie" mind today?