Because when you're sick...

The health foodie from within takes a hike!

Sorbet becomes a routine part of your diet. Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches are one of the few real food items that your nauseous stomach can keep down.

Ahh that creamy coldness made my throat feel so much better...for the time being. :/

I did manage to enjoy half of this PHENOMENAL WOW Chocolate Brownie. A deep, indulgent, chocolate flavor embodies the dessert...
... and is accented by surprise chocolate chips!Smooth, creamy and so dense that it's like straight-up fudge...covered in a thin, crusty, brownie-like layer.
Tons of soup was consumed, including this new-to-me Campbell's Broccoli Cheese Soup.
I wasn't too concerned about the ingredient list. I was more excited that my stomach was actually willing to handle this!I also bought some $.25 Ramen Noodles, which I haven't had since I was about 10 years old. I think that they should put these on the prescription. Literally, after eating the soup I was like a new person...for a little while anyways.
Blue Bell Banana Pudding Ice Cream = Dangerous. Very Dangerous. :)

I'm feeling a little bit better and I hope that the antibiotics clear it ALL up SOON! I'm ready to get back to real food!
What's your favorite food to eat when you are sick? Ice Cream and anything else creamy and smooth is typically my choice, with soup being another must have.
Favorite Ice Cream Brand? Blue Bell Makes some killller stuff, but you have to be in the right region of the country to find it. Bummer dudes.


  1. I cannot eat diary when I'm sick, or chocolate for that matter. I usually stick to salty foods, soup, applesauce and lots of water. I hope you feel better!

  2. PB&J is eternal comfort food. always. I could go for one or 10 of those right now.
    Feel better soon!!!


  3. I think anything that's extremely hot or cold works well when I'm sick. Everything else is prettymuch tasteless!

    <3 Tori

  4. aw honey bear... I was sick a few weeks ago and I lived off of saltines and plain oatmeal. Ew. Hope you feel better!

  5. saltines w. cheese and cinnamon toast have magical healing powers for me, i think. the last time i got really sick, i craved all things greasy and chocolate-covered, which i found highly amusing. i hope you feel better soon!!

    oh, and ciao bella makes a mango sorbet that is some of the best ever!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was able to find yours! Love it!

    Anyway. I get sore throats A LOT, and ice cream is always a good cure!

  7. Hey girl, sorry you aren't feeling great!! If you've been reading my blog you see I've been sick too and I've had a TON of ice cream :) Hey, if it makes you feel better, give in!!!!!!!!!!!!

    xx - Monique

  8. aww, feel better soon!
    i like soup or peanut butter toast when i'm not feeling well.

  9. mmm that brownie looks sooo yummy!

    If my throat is sore, I like to drink lots and eat italian ice! If my tummy is queesy...I stick to soup+crackers and gingerale!

    Hope you are feeling better!

  10. feel better!! i like homemade chicken soup!! my mom makes the best and always has some in the freezer!! i also love sorbet or something cool in my mouth!


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