And all she could say was...


WOW Baking Company, that is. This wheat and gluten-free baking company offered to send me a slew of their cookies and brownies and the day I turn down cookies is the day that pigs fly.
I opened up the box to marvel at the wide array of intriguing baked goods that were before me. The flavors made me salivate and the only issue I was having was determining which delight I would sink my teeth into first.

I opted to quell my sweet tooth with the Oregon Oatmeal Cookie and it made a great first impression.
I have never had an oatmeal cookie with this combo of ingredients and, let me tell you, IT WORKS!
Each all natural bite has a comforting, creamy sweetness to it, due to the combo of sugar and butter (2 of the first four ingredients).
An in-depth, well developed flavor captivates the chewy oat base; which is accentuated by the unique blend of dried apricots and cranberries, adding a fruity sweetness and another level of texture.
The next day, I was itching to try another variety and went for a tried and true favorite: Peanut Butter!
Oh buddy! These were so dense and moist that they reminded me of cookie dough or ultra chewy no bake cookies. The peanut butter flavor is delightfully pronounced!

Marvel at that dense, moist, chewy, nutty bite...
I'm so glad there is a box of these in my fridge because who knows how long it will be before I am sneaking my little paws back into that bright orange box! :) (an hour...maybe?)
And one more review...for good measure. I was in need of a sugar fix and when I spotted one of the cookies with a layer of sparkly sweetness atop the thick lemon-infused base, I looked no further.
My camera was so excited...it spazzed out just a bit.
Just like the others that came before, the overall texture of this cookie was so dense, moist and delightful. I'm lovin' it. I'm also lovin' the fragrant lemon aroma that is radiating from this cookie.
That layer of sugar up top not only adds an extra touch of sweetness, but also an element of crunch to the otherwise dense, soft, thick and chewy baked good!
MMM! The flavor tastes so natural (because it is!)...lemon-y goodness!

Okay, anymore of these sweet, lucious pictures and I am going to fall into a sugar coma. More WOW baking treats to come in the near future... :D


  1. Oh my gosh WHERE did you find these?!?! I'm GF and I NEED these in ma life haha!

  2. I LOVE how dense and chewy those cookies look. I wish all this food you review was near me :[ always looks great!

  3. I'm about to go cookie monster on yo' butt and steal those puppies. YUM!

  4. wow!! these look great!! that's cool that they are gluten and wheat free! i just learned the difference today!

  5. That peanut butter cookie looks SO good.
    <3 jess

  6. yummm anything "cookie dough-like" is good in my book!!!

  7. These cookies look incredible! I need some WOW in my life! I actually just started eating gluten free, so I would love to try these. Yum!

  8. look at you go, girl! you're trying so many new yummy snacks without me... i'm super jeal!! the oatmeal and pb look sooo good. hope you're feeling better :)

  9. I've been GF for the last 3ish months of my training... and it's made a big difference. Unfortunately these WOW cookies are NOT at my Whole Foods. Hmph. >=/

  10. those look intensely good. im such a sucker for baked goods!


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