Naan is more than just good bread

It's also good PIZZA. I'm sorry, but are there really people in the world who do not like this combo of carbs, cheese and veggies? One of my favorite food groups. Wait, it's not a food group?
News Flash! I picked up a Tandoor Chef Cilantro Pesto Naan Pizza on sale for $2.99 the other day and saw that it had two servings. SCORE. I can bring the other half for lunch at work the next day. What a bargain girl! Well, much to my UNdelight, I peeked into the box (more like ripped into it like a hungry savage) and saw a serving size that I might have considered legit for my dolls when I turned our toy room into doll world many moons ago. This time around, my dolls are safely packed in boxes and no longer in need of food. I'm in need of food. And I could own those dolls in an eating contest.
Where were we...
The nutrition profile is not too shabby; although, the fat content is a bit out of control when you consider this is for half of the petite pizza.
Pull this puppy out of the oven, take a bite and you will notice a myriad of things:
Cheese: A thick, chewy, perfectly melted layer of the good stuff. I wouldn't change one thing about this aspect of the pizza.
Tomato Slices: They are ultra juicy and add some color, but they will come off in one bite. If you catch the edge of one, it's carrying all of the cheese and sauce in its vicinity with it...whether it be into your mouth or onto your lap.
Naan Crust: This is just as marvelous as you would expect. Thick and doughy with a crispy, crunchy edge covered with a sprinkling of crispy cheese. Helloooo!
Pesto: I'm sorry, you will not notice pesto...you will notice CILANTRO. Period. Take one bite and all of the sudden the other components of the pizza escape to the back of your mind and the heat and distinct flavor of cilantro overcome your mouth and send you into a tizzy. Why in the world does there need to be this much cilantro in this pesto? I thought I liked pesto. What is this?
The ingredient list is spectacular...whole wheat flour, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, milk...the basics!
I will not be purchasing this particular flavor of the Tandoor Chef Naan Pizza again and I would only suggest it to those who LOVE (and I mean it's one of your top three favorite things to eat on the earth) Cilantro. For everyone else...well, I will have to check out another variety of this pizza and get back to you!
Until then...


  1. I love naan! I've never bought it though, or any of the frozen pizzas. Indian food is my newest favorite ethnic food.

  2. I am going to look for this the next time I am in the frozen fruit section.

  3. I have no words, no words at all. Indian and Italian food were clearly meant to be conjoined

  4. ooooh naan pizza...that's just brilliant. maybe the added extra cilantro for a more "Indian" flavor?

  5. hmm I have never heard of that kind of pizza! I love naan bread though, so it looks good :)

  6. Interesting. I would love to try the pizza, but like you, hold the excessive amounts of cilantro.

  7. sadlyyyy I cannot stomach cilantro so thank you for the heads up that it is very cilantro-y!! i wish that was BASIL pesto!

  8. I have a serious love for naan, but thanks for the heads up about cilantro city :-) I can't handle too much!


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