LC is a frozen foo'

Sometimes, no matter how much you love to cook, you just feel like plopping down onto the couch and having food in a matter of seconds. No effort required. That, my friends, is why fast food has become the mecca of American eats.

Well, I have never been one to go with the flow, so while others are ordering their take-out, I am whipping up a frozen dinner. Wait...since when is eating frozen dinners a unique idea? Okay, okay...I'm just a sterotypical lazy American some days. It happens.

However, I don't just reach for any ole' meal in a box. This grub has to be comforting and something that I wouldn't whip up just any day...

The following two dishes are so delicious, they require a real bowl and the box must be hidden from all eyes...because I would be more than happy to take credit for these flippin' fantastic eats!
Lean Cuisine Linguine Carbonara Lots of little bacon crumbles add a distinct smokey background throughout the creamy and cheesy sauce. Peas and red peppers add a bit of color and a heaping pile of al dente pasta makes your mouth water... :)
Lean Cuisine Butternut Squash Ravioli
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This is truly a winner. Really. There are a CORNUCOPIA of vibrant, crunchy veggies within an ultra creamy sauce with nutty smooth walnuts and packed pillows that will send you into butternut squash dreams. Ahhh...never lets me down.
One more lucious look...

Lean Cuisine is obviously a stud.


  1. Sounds like you found two winners with Lean Cuisine. I could never eat one of those meals for an entire meal, because I would be STARVING in an hour. I dont know why... they just never fill me up!!
    Did you eat them both at the same time?? If you did, then I might understand how you were able to remain full for a while. (I would totally eat both at the same time anyways!!) :)

  2. Amen to this post girl! I love frozen meals in a pinch!

  3. nothing wrong with a frozen meal. i usually bulk them up with some veggies though. sometimes i find that the "healthy" ones are kind of small!

  4. you already know how much I love me some frozen meals!! Why slave over a stove when you can press a few buttons on a microwave. Right?

  5. I am a snacker extraordinaire (:D), so these meals were just one of a myriad of little snacks that I had throughout the day. I agree that, alone, they will not keep you full for more than a few hours. Then again, I would expect no differently because they are a mere 280-300 calories a piece.

  6. girl those pictures are GORGEOUS! lean cuisine has never looked so good ;) and i'm totally with you - sometimes, a frozen dinner is just necessary.


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