Dream Come True... *free flax for all*

I didn’t even know it was Cinco de Mayo until my boss said something about it 10 minutes before I left work. I’ve written the date like 6 times today…I’m going to blame it on finals. By the way, I know I said I was going to peace out until finals were over, but I have some pertinent information that I want to share with you. Ohh…intrigue! So I am taking a little study break *actually, I just got home from work so we shall call it procrastination…err..a PRE-study break! ;)*.

So, www.FlaxMatters.com has been featured on my little blog before and they approached me recently asking if I would like to put up an offer for my readers to get free flax? Umm, yea! This is not a giveaway where you enter 5 million times and you never win (even though I love those! Lol). This is a giveaway for all of my readers. So, look to the right (of your computer screen, silly!) and maybe scroll around a little bit until you see the golden ticket. However, this golden ticket will get you free flax, not candy! That is a health foodie’s dream, no?

I was sent a few samples from FlaxMatters (Thanks Kathleen!) to review, as well and I want to tantalize your taste buds and your healthy side for a bit before I go, so let’s kick things off…

MMM, Tasty!! Not doing it for ya?
What about this delectable view?
Okay, I'm going to have to set a minimum age limit for my bloggie readers if I keep posting pictures like this...
FlaxMatters Milled Golden Flax with Blueberries!
What's really going on in that bag up there?
It was suggested that I put flax in oatmeal and yogurt. Now, I think this was meant as two separate suggestions, but my finals mindset messed me all up... ;)
1 Oatmeal Packet + 1/2 Container of Yogurt (eat the other half while it's in the micro!) +
1T FlaxMatters Milled Golden Flax with Blueberries=
You best get yourself some of this...
P.s. There is plenty to go around, so it's safe to invite your friends to get in on this action too! I've got your back! ;)

FlaxMatters provided me with the above products at no cost to myself. They are also sponsoring the giveaway on the sidebar. The giveaway is for a free sample of some form and may or may not feature some of the products mentioned above. This review was written by me and expresses my true opinion. I was not compensated monetarily for doing so.


  1. Cool! I love flax! Good luck on those finals i know how it is.

  2. Swwweeeeeetttt sample! Thanks - your oats look fab. I've never cooked them with yogurt.

  3. this is so great!!!!!! I am so excited to try this!!!! Thanks for this great "giveaway"

  4. Thanks! I've been looking for ways to add healthy fats to my diet.

    Good luck on your exams. When in doubt, turn on Gilmore Girls and it will inspire you =)

    Nicole G

  5. I've always wanted to try flax but never wanted to spend the money just to find out I didn't like it (if that ended up being the case!)

    Thanks so much...I'm so excited!!

  6. awesome giveaway ,thanks for posting!

  7. Hi! I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower because, I thought I'd visit you and now a follower of YOUR blog and learn more about healthier food options for my family. Love what I see so far!

    Please come back and visit me again!

  8. Awesome! We all win!!!!!! Thank you!

  9. oh no!! curse this stupid time change :( i must have just missed the time window, how sad! your flax creations look delish though:)

  10. I've seen flax around the blog world a lot, but I didn't really have any desire to try it. I really don't understand what it is or what it's for. Can you taste it? I prefer fats that taste good!!

    <3 Tori

  11. ah you're the best, thanks girlfried - can't wait for my free samp! I've always wanted to try flax!!

  12. NICE! i just entered my email! cant wait to try some of this!! (i mean I know I love flax, but this brand of it!!)


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