Up Close and Personal

Hey hey! So I just got an idea for a little game we can play. You in? Take a break and see what your foodie mind can do. I call it...

Up Close and Personal
A number and a short clue are above each picture...all of which have been posted on my blog at one time or another in the recent past. Let me know what is being pictured...if you can.

1. Bada Bada Bada Bing
2. I hate sprouts, but I love these... 3. Green Grains

4. A unique twist on dinner...meatless...and micro-ed.
5. A hoppin' new treat
6. Oven-less sweets
7. Free for All >>>
8. A tried and true favorite
9. a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, KKKKK 10. Same lady...different snack!
I hope you had some fun and dug to the depths of your foodie knowledge to uncover what some of these pictures are. Do an Up Close and Personal game of your own and spread the fun! Let me know if you do. Hey, this would be a good way to start a giveaway...hmmm...


  1. I'm so bad at this. I think I can only get number 8 which MIGHT be peanut M&M's?? I hope so cause those are BOMB!
    WAIT! and MAYBE number 5 is Blue Bunny's strawberry ice cream?

    Otherwise I give up. You stumped me!

  2. Some sort of m&m's for sure, but other than that, I don't know!!
    <3 jess

  3. I know #4 is the Kashi Mayan bake frozen dinner, #6 are those incredible-looking egg-free cookie dough bites, and #8 are christmas m&ms (!!!)...#5 is on the tip of my tongue but not coming to me...

    blog games are fun!:)


What's on your "foodie" mind today?