You know you're a food blogger when...

You mix up your frozen dinner to make it look prettier.
Sure, you do it to get the stuff evenly dispersed and because you are anxiously anticipating your first bite, but at the forefront of a blogger's mind...
looks are everything.
You email your grocery store to ask them to carry more products, so you can use the coupons that the company sent you.
Still have yet to see new flavors... I did enjoy the tried and true veggie fajita variety... Yum!

You feed the bear on the box.
I'm sorry...the strawberry with a bear head and hands. Odd...
Review to come! Your mom sends you a package with Dark Chocolate, Luna Bars and a Shape Magazine.
Love her!
You try to get everyone to try FLAX!
Freebies on the right side!! Check it out!
Wally's Biscotti sends you a masssssive load of their delectable biscotti...
just because they are awesome!
I would have literally jumped into the brownie biscotti baggie;
but I couldn't fit, so I let my camera have all of the fun.
Razzleberry Krunch and Wally Special
Time to pack up my room. Where in the WORLD do I start? :/


  1. So true! Good luck packing :) I wish I had the knowledge about food in college, that I do now.

  2. ugh packing, hate it. I realized this past week that I am TOTALLY a hoarder. I have so much stuff it's ridiculous!

  3. Packing is SUCH a pain! And you know what's worse? UNpacking gahhh!

  4. Ugh, I used to hate packing up in the summer, it was always such a mad rush. THat biscotti looks awesome!

  5. ew, i hate packing. overwhelming doesn't even BEGIN to describe it.
    i must seek out this biscotti ASAP! :D

  6. I really don't mind packing... It's the unpacking and getting everything organized.

    My mama always sends me good stuff too! :)


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