Until then...

8 more days until SUMMER! :) Until then, I shall watch lifetime movies, eat an abundance of almond M&M's, drink one too many Kevaccinos and study my life away. Can't wait to get back in the kitch! Until then...

The caloric content is somewhat low, but it was a fairly satisfying meal!
The high protein and high fiber count might have something to do with that?...
First of all, that isn't rice in there, folks! It's a chewy and texturally delightful whole grain pilaf and I wouldn't mind if this replaced the rice in all frozen dinners. There was a nice serving of chicken and it was very fresh...tasted as though I had just whipped up a nutritious one-pan dinner...sans stove! ;) The beans were a welcomed addition...they don't make it into enough frozen dinners these days. Not to mention, there was a kick of heat that kept things interesting, as the bites progressed! To take it a notch further, crunchy corn and some sauteed peppers round out the little party in your mouth. Not my favorite dinner ever, but overall...it's a well-rounded and tasty meal!
I got some free samples of Emergen-C after filling out a little form (a while back) and decided to try the tangerine flavor the other day when I was feeling a little under the weather. The flavor was a bit more subtle than other powdered drink mixes, which I enjoyed. It was tasty, but you could still tell it was water.
After dinner, my friend grabbed a snack and we settled in for movie night...
Me: "Whatcha eatin?...I'm a snoopy foodie! ;) "
Friend: "These are really good. Go try some."
Me: "What are they?"
Friend: "Cookie Dough Pouches that you are supposed to eat straight-up".
Me: "You had me at cookie..."
That says "NO Eggs!"
The ingredient list won't be winning any awards, but this is merely a treat and it isn't nearly as bad as it could be.
No partially hydrogenated oils!
Each little bag is packed with the good stuff (it's a gooood-sized portion!). These little babies taste EXACTLY like sinful cookie dough. Think back to when you were 5 (or maybe yesterday...), when you would sneak cookie dough out of the mixing bowl when mom wasn't lookin'. The only difference is that there is no eggs in this treat, so you can eat the "raw" dough without the risk of salmonella! Awesome, no? haha
Honestly, I wouldn't eat these frequently; but their shelf life isn't exactly short, so having a box on hand to grab once in a blue moon sounds like a great idea to me. They are so sinfully chewy and sweet! Time to whip up a cold drink, watch some movies and review Elementary Food Science Notes...No, it's not something I would teach an elementary school child. ;) I can't wait to cook again...(getting tired of me saying that!? lol) Until then...


  1. I can't wait to be able to cook more during the summer, too! It shall be nice. I will have to try that Kashi meal...everything Kashi has been a winner for me, so i'm sure i would love it.

    Have a good evening darlin!

  2. as much as I love Kashi, I have to say I won't miss those frozen meals when I'm home from school cooking up a storm. ONE MORE WEEK! YIPEEEEE!!!

  3. kashi frozen meals are great!

  4. AHH, cookie dough=amazing and better than the actual cookies, in my opinion ;)

    <3 jess

  5. I'd try that Kashi meal if I actually liked beans and corn! I haven't seen those cookie dough pouches before. Is it in the frozen food section or regular snack aisle?

    <3 Tori

  6. those cookie dough bites are genius. im pretty sure cookie dough can be considered a divine substance.
    good luck with the end of your semester!! :)


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