Bada Bing Bunny

I hope all of you students out there are pushing through this hectic end of the school year and finishing strong! I know that I am sure trying my best to do so. And one of the most important things to ensure that you are able to push through is some good eats! I can only imagine what is going to happen when summer strikes...All of the foodies that were stressed beyond belief with finals and whatnot are going to unload their overflowing camera and share a plethora of mouthwatering eats...can't wait! :D No really, I can't wait; so I am going to take a little study hiatus for a moment and share some with you right now:

I reveiwed Wally's Biscotti over hurr and after trying those three mouthwatering flavors, I knew I had to go back for more. To my surprise, I discovered that WB brought together two of my favorite things (Almonds and Chocolate) within their crumbly, buttery, sturdy biscotti base.
They like to call it Bada Bing and I like to call it delightful. I need to go get another one of these PRONTO! :)
Blue Bunny came hopping out with a new line of frozen yogurt recently and, like clockwork, I hopped on it like it was my job (I guess you could say it sort of is...).

Blue Bunny All Natural Strawberry Banana Frozen Yogurt
A look into the oval shaped tub proved to be delightful, but a spoon into the oval shaped tub is what really put a smile on my face. This stuff is ultra creamy with big hunks of strawberry offering a welcomed chew in select bites. The flavor is a perfect marriage between strawberry and banana, with each bite offering a different ratio of the two taste sensations due to the swirly nature of the product. At times, it tasted like a banana split, when the ratio was just right.
The ingredient list knocked my socks off and I was too far into froyo nirvana to take the time to put them back on...
That touch of fat is what truly makes this frozen yogurt something special. Plus, 15% of the RDV for Calcium per serving! Dang...I probably get 30%+ with each scrumptious cone-full! ;)
One more look...I'd suggest you go purchase a carton unless you have some new fangled device that let's you taste things off the computer screen (in which case, you need to share it with me!).


  1. Oh my gosh...that IS a great ingredients list! Thanks for the review - I will definitely look out for that. :-)

  2. thanks girl, now all I want is ice cream for breakfast. Oooph!

    ahhh I can't wait to be home and whip up some foodie treats. I've compiled a list of recipes I want to try and it's outrageous. Summer, come faster!

  3. ooh, that fro yo looks like it will be in my freezer next semester...
    i too cannot wait to make some crazy delicious breakfasts. here's to summer!!!

  4. i know i can't wait till everyone is done with school and then the epic posting shall begin!
    whoahh that froyo does look good :)

  5. I love when you can actually pronouce everything in the ingredients list lol

  6. That froyo sounds awesome!! Love strawberry banana.

  7. YUM I love strawb and banana anything! that blue bunny looks perfecto!!

  8. that looks so good! My mind is all about coffee today, I had a lousy night sleep!

  9. i must say, you blog says you are a food & science type major in college and interested in health... have you taken the nutrition class yet? calories like in your frozen yogurt pic, have nothing to do with weight.

    have you read good calories bad calories?
    have you read The Primal Blueprint or checked out Mark's daily apple forum?????

    im not trying to hound you, but nothing i see in this post is "healthy"

  10. Malpaz- I am a food science major, which is completely different from nutrition majors. I enjoy learning about and pursuing health but I also enjoy everything in moderation. I don't concern myself with calories and the sort, except for a review's sake and focus more on intuitive eating. If you are interested in health blogs and whatnot that focus solely on "healthy", unprocessed foods, I can give you some great recommendations. My blog is more of a review blog and when I get a kitchen over the summer, I like to share some of those creations, as well. I have a sweet tooh, so I fit dessert into my lifestyle daily, in moderation. Healthy is a relative term.

  11. Your posts always make me want to eat what you're featuring :) So now, I want ice cream. It may or may not be a good thing that for once I actually have some in the freezer!! ;)

  12. I love strawberry banana and this one looks insane good!!! I might just have to keep my eyes open for it!



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