I'm a baby. You're a winner.

I'm a baby! aka...I like to snag baby food on the MAJOR markdowns at Walmart (think $.50). Okay, so the mushy peas and stuff...we can set those aside for the youngsters; but when cookies are $.50 a box, they better have a furry animal on the front of the box, if you are going to keep me away from them.

Hence, the reason why I am reviewing the following:
Beech Nut Let's Gro Banana Cookies I thought there was only one snack the "smiles back"...
Think Shortbread/Graham Cracker Hybrid with the real banana flavor that you would enjoy from a slice of fresh baked banana bread.
Put these in a big kid box, so I don't have to pretend like I am 12 months old when I sneak into the baby aisle to grab a box.
It's gonna happen.

You're a winner. Okay, so you aren't ALL winners. ;) But the one winner of my CSN giveaway is...

Simply Life said...
if I could have anything it would be a Kitchen Aid mixer!
Saturday, April 10, 2010
She writes some awesome recipes, so I can't wait to see what she buys with her $40 credit!
Off I go...
Where are you off to today?


  1. Fabulous looking smiling snacks :)

    <3 jess

  2. LOL such a great idea! I'll be on the lookout for those next time ;)

  3. Ha those doo look like tastey little treats!

  4. baby food is highly underrated.

  5. Hi! I just discovered your blog and am really enjoying reading :)

    Those banana baby cookies sounds delish! I occasionally buy the Gerber mini fruits (strawberry and banana are best)and throw them in yogurt. If those are ever on sale you should give them a try too!

    I'm a very new blogger and am still figuring out blogland. I'd love it if you'd stop by my blog and say hi! :)

  6. those cookies look so soft and buttery!!


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