Rise and Shine

I love the label on Vitamin Water.
Lorelai Gilmore could totally be the mastermind behind these witty stories. Great Value Multi-Grain Apples & Cinnamon Oatmeal blew me away. I know...what? I was at Wal-Mart picking up a few things and realized that I needed some oatmeal. I walk over and the only brand that they are selling is their own. Fab. They were all artificially sweetened and I was really disappointed, until I spotted one lone ranger on the bottom shelf that looked promising:
Check out those ingredients!! Eight packets for $1.79.
That enabled me to sneak some Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges
into my college budget this week! :D
And for the Shine part of this post. Well, let's just say that when I am studying and taking notes...it looks like a rainbow exploded all over my desk. phaha
Therefore, when my friend picked up a package of highlighters for me (I go through them like termites go through wood!)...and I saw this...I was NOT happy. No pink. What's the point of putting together a pack of highlighters without pink? That would be like having the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers without the Pink Girl. You know she is everyone's favorite.

In other news, I am getting a spiralizer, so hook me up with some fun recipes! I will have a kitchen in T-minus 26 days! (and school will be ovaaa!)
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  1. Haha I need pink highlighter! I highlight all my eats in my pink!

  2. So jealous of your spiralizer! Also totally could see Lorelai writing that. It reminds me of her and Luke's first date when she reads the story on the menu and gets upset about how it ended and how long it was =)

    I love Lorelai and Luke!

    Nicole G

  3. haha OMG! I love that episode!...okay, well I love them all, but that one is so cute. "Wow..so Luke has a Luke's!" :)

  4. thanks for linking to my giveaway! I love vitamin water, the lemon flavor.....and I still mourn the fact that Gilmore Girls is no more!

  5. Oh my gosh I love the Vitamin Water labels, too! I've always thought it would be my dream job to come up with those. I mean, seriously. I could sit in Starbucks and think of witty, random things all day long?! I'm in!

  6. Great review regarding that oatmeal - I haven't tried it yet!

  7. oh, and random question - but how did you get to personalize the statement when leaving comments?

  8. SO jeals of the spiralizer!!! i cant WAIT to see what you create with it :)


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