Easy Cheesy Broccolini

Okay, so I have always been intrigued by the big, plastic, Eat Smart Simple Melts that sit upon the chilly shelves in the produce aisle next to my favorite chips. Therefore, when I was shopping the other day and noticed that the little tubs came equipped with a $.50 off coupon (not much, but their marketers know it's enough to reel me in!), I was ready to take the plunge! They have so many different options, but I went with a classic:

Eat Smart Simple Melts Broccoli Cheddar Those stats are not too shabby! Although, two servings in this baby?
Perhaps that was a typ-o? ;)
Cheese and Broccoli. Did I really just pay $2.00 for this?
Yes, Emily. You did.
Hmm...and why did I do that? Am I stupid? No. The label clearly says that I am smart. Or perhaps the company is smart? Hmm.
Whatever, I'm hungry! The cheese seems to disappear, but it simply melts into this glorious sauce that sinks to the bottom. No biggie! Just get your stir on... Yum! The broccoli was cooked to perfection...not too mushy or too hard. The cheese melted like magic into this amazing sauce that absorbed into the broccoli florets and burst into flavor upon entering my mouth. :)
A steamy, cheesy, broccoli sponge! haha
Welp, my Lab Report won't write itself! What a dream...


  1. i made something similar the other day...but not for $2 ;)

  2. I never saw that before...I am going to look for it the next time I am at the supermarket lol but can't you just buy the cheese and broccoli and put it into a tupperware?

  3. I've never seen these - probably a good thing. I like my own version of broccoli and cheese that I think I'll stick to. Thanks for the review!

  4. Mari- True...However, I'm not sure it would melt in the same magical way...lol! It's definitely not something I would buy all of the time, but it's fun to have if it's on sale! :D

  5. Wow! Look at that- don't know if I could eat that though...

  6. wow! i have never seen those bowls before! such a cool idea!

  7. Haha! Your descriptive paragraph about the cheesey broccoli is very well written!! :) I love broc, and I love cheese! I should really combine the two sometime!

    <3 Tori


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