Sonic. Stuffing. Sneak.

Sonic is offering a special deal: buy one milkshake, get one FREE ...ALL DAY...for a limited time. Better yet, if you have no friends (in the car...not in general! haha I hope...) then they will give you a coupon for a free milkshake that expires sometime in July. This is a limited time offer and my roommate and I hopped on it last night. A $1.19 shake?! Don't mind if I do! :)
I also made spaghetti squash with lentils and spaghetti squash...but the best part was the brown side that you are currently puzzled about (I'm a mind reader...didn't ya know?).
I got some stuffing from work because that's how we roll and I wasn't sure what to do with it. It was a bit thinner than stuffing that I am used to....hmm....
Well, I cranked up the oven to 375ish and decided to spread the stuffing onto a nonstick baking pan in a very very THIN layer. I then proceeded to bake it for about 50 minutes.
Hello Stuffing Chips!! I will be making you again tonight!
Here's a sneak peak of a very tasty review to come...

Time for work! Have a fabulous day (yea, I know it's Wednesday, but don't let that get you down!).


  1. i am so jealous! I have never EVER tried Sonic...we don't have them out here but yet they taunt us with their commercials lol

  2. Sonic is the bomb! I practically grew up on there food! Stuffing chips?! Genius!

    <3 Tori

  3. ive never tried sonic! there are none in boston and I think i have seen one ONCE in my life! haha gkad you enjoyed a 1.19 milkshake though!!

  4. ahh I went to sonic today for a happy hour cherry limeade and didn't even know about this! I feel sooo let down by life now!! haha.

  5. stuffing CHIPS?? love it. you should probably like mass produce those and make a fortune ;)


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